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A Complete Haze …..

September 28, 2009

Baby Jareth sleeping and feeding time was a mess,
He would need to feed every 3 hours, sometimes 2 hours or every hour.
During the day, irregular feeding patterns were fine ,
He sleep more during daytime. But at night, it was terrible…
Especially from 10pm to 1am + … he hardly sleep, and wake up very very often.
Being very cranky and wanted to carry or milk milk..
by the time he were in deep sleep, that will be nearly 2am , can up to 3am.
Woke up follow by 5am, sometime 4am … then 6am …
The sleep deprivation was bad… i was drain out sometime !!
Not only baby is cranky, mummy is cranky and irritable too.

The worst ….
Baby Jareth is going to have a surgery coming Thursday at SDMC (SJMC)
Why ??? Cos my poor baby is having Inguinal Hernia.
According to pediatric surgeon ..
Surgery has generally been recommended for all inguinal hernias
to avoid complications such as strangulation.
Infants who have inguinal hernias have a much higher risk of strangulation
than older children and adults.
So surgery for inguinal hernias in infants is not delayed like it can be for adults.
That’s is why we couldn’t wait for few more months as we plan earlier.
Sometime i wander, izit becos of having hernias
that make him so cranky and discomfort most of the time ?

Is a one day admission, unless baby was not being good and unstable.
So, we pray that baby Jareth is all fine after the surgery and being
able to go home by night time .

Baby Jareth will be the 1st patient to have Surgery that day at 830am.
So doctor can have more time to check and observe him.
According to doctor, is a minor surgery. Around 45 minute.
Even is a minor surgery…. for me is still a surgery.
What more …. my baby is not even 2 months old!!

How do i manage all this ???
I just have to get on with it … really !!!
I do what i CAN do and not what i wanna to do …
I was living in a complete haze. Like a Zombie…
Just hang on this few months…
Everything will be back in shape in few more months …hopefully !!


His One Month Baby ….

September 8, 2009

Baby Jareth is ONE MONTH old today,
Healthy, chubby and strong boy,
No matter how busy i m, i need to post and jot this down!
He is ONE MONTH …. Full Moon Today ….
He doesn’t really look like one month baby !!
Most people said, he look like 2 to 3 months baby.
Weight 4.8kg and 58cm today !!

The Celebration among the family !!


September 2, 2009
A little bit of here and there to share ..
First of all … i actually have many many thing to share and write in my blog … but i couldn’t get a computer , yah … my home PC was “kong” and have to wait for my hubby coming back from work to use his laptop the time i able to log on … that will be 12 am mid night … too tired to blog by this time…. some more no photoshop for me to edit my boys photos …. so i give up blogging, scrapbooking and blog hopping at this moment …. NOT SURE when i will come back here again ….
2nd , My Confinement Lady will be going back this Sunday, means i have busy time ahead handling baby Jareth …. it also means baby Jareth is coming to ONE months old very soon … no big celebration this round due to H1N1 .. just a small and simple dinner at PIL place. NOT SURE how much i can cope by myself for coming one month before i send baby Jareth to Nanny on October …
3rd , Baby Jareth is a lil bit difficult to take care especially at night compared to Jeremy when he was born …. well .. i know every baby is different … Baby Jareth wake up quite often at night . NOT SURE when baby Jareth will get use to a proper routine …
4th , Mummy breast milk was not enuf for Baby Jareth … even i let baby suck very often … it just doesn’t enuf for him .He will cry when there’s not much milk… Not enuf to express out to store for future when i start work …I try not to give formula milk, but it’s really not enuf and i don’t want to stress myself tooooo much on this , so on and off i give formula milk , not much …. just once or 2 time a day … (sorry for those who sms and call me for this matters and support and give much encourage on breast feeding… u know who u are and i know i shouldnt give formula milk …. ) NOT SURE how and when the breast milk will fully “establish” … but i will not give up !!
5th , I got a phone call from my family saying … My Dear Granny fall down and broke her pelvis bond, will not able to walk again !!! .She is too old to go tru any surgery… this bad news really broke my heart … i know it will be a very very hard time for my family to face this in future … to taking care her in future .. this road ahead is not easy … i know deep down in me … NOT SURE how is my family going to cope with this …. NOT SURE what can the doctor do to make her feel better and less pain ..
A little bit of this and that …. NOT SURE of this and that …. that actually bring me down …..My heart is uncertain and somehow feeling uneasy .abit tense..abit uptight… Hopefully i have all the answer soon …