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Wordless Moment ….. Mummy’s Two "J"

August 25, 2009
Baby Jareth @ 18 Days

Last, How’s the lil J get along with baby J ?
So far so Good … “keep my finger cross”
Will update about my Two “J” when i have more time to blog !!
( But i truly miss blogging & scrapbooking )


The Birth Story of Jareth ….

August 22, 2009
I was supposed to admit @ 6am as what the Gynea told me on 3/8/09.
But i called the Hos one day early on the 5/8/09 to cancel.
I still “hope” to wait for the sign of contraction. I do feel uncomfortable from time to time.
But the contraction didn’t last for long.
We drive to the hospital to discuss with the Gynea ..
see whether i can still wait for few more days.
Again , i been told to have baby’s heartbeat and contractions monitored by the CTG.
To make sure every things is going well and fine .
My gynea again advised me to admit on the 8/8/09 if still no sign of labour.
He said no point waiting and the baby is big enuf and mature enuf to come out ….
Some how i realize my gynea prefer me to induce …. rather then waiting !!

Still no sign of labour yet.
But i m getting worry and scared over the pain . Induce is really pain …
My hubby hug me tight that night and said everything will be fine & fast.
Waiting is such a torturing at this moment ….
Better to cheer myself by playing and be with my boy that night.
Cos i will not be seeing him for one week after i give birth.

Yes.. we have some happy moment that night … i hug him to sleep .

no … no…. no sign at all … I have given up expecting signs…
better kuai kuai and follow what my Gynea asked … ADMIT !! … okok ….
We drive Jeremy to my in law place .
We reach Hospital and straight to the labour ward.
A nurse or midwife checked on me and get myself ready for labour.
Gynea came in to break the water bag ,
The doctor uses a special little tool to break my waters.
and get me on drip.
Put on my MP3 … i listen to a meditation kind of prayer … replay many time …
Heard one indian lady crying over the pain …. sound really scary to me .
hubby said : increase the volume of the MP3… o.O
Feel a little uncomfortable … but is alright . Still can chat with my hubby.
Concentrate on the prayer and meditation.
Contraction are still mild like period pain … still able to stay cool and focus.
contractions are finally starting to hurt,
I focus on steady and deep breathing through each contraction, which help me significantly.
Listen and focus to the prayer tru MP3. … it’s help too.
Each contraction is becoming stronger and stronger, so that I can’t talk.
i lost my focus ..i have the urge to push ….
The midwife does an internal examination, to see how far my cervix has dilated.
it is already 7cm! Since we only need to have 10 centimeters to get baby out, this is pretty advanced in such a short time … but i not sure how long to go for that another 3cm.
i ask whether i can push now … the midwife smile and said … “not yet, only 7cm” !!
The midwife come back again to me and said :
“Come …. i make it faster for you …. “
She then ask me to open wide and does an internal examination again ….
oh god …. not sure what she does….. but is really hurt … I give a hard push !
The midwife order the nurse : Boleh panggil doctor naik !! CEPAT !!
( what a magic hand !!)
Regret to say, my hubby have to go out at this last minutes of time …
cos he had very mild HFM from Jeremy … afraid it will effect the baby.
Doctor was here finally ….
just like in the movie.. everyone was telling me to “push”
1st time push … not strong enuf …
2nd time push ….. breath in and out …. deep breath again and …
3rd time push …. i push as hard as i can …. I had try the best i can ..
at the end …. the baby head pop out …
i can see it very clearly the baby was coming out
And feel that the whole baby was coming out too ..
YES …finally my baby is here ….
I was all relief and let go every worry and pain ..
My hubby came in and give me a THUMB UP…. saying … “very fast and smooth” !!
Even the midwife said to me : U so keng … no pain killer, no epidural, no entonox gas.
Yes … it’s was indeed very fast and when come to think again …
It’s was amazing and worth it . I cant believe what i have just when tru …
this round is too easy …. can consider the 3rd one … opps… joking joking…

Last .. i like to Thank GOD for listen to our prayer …(everything & anything to thanks for….)

Thanks my parent in law for taking well care of Jeremy during the HFM and after i give birth.

Thanks my hubby for the support and love he give during the 9 months pregnancy and … manymore.

Thanks all friends and blogger for the wishes over Jeremy recover and my smooth delivery.

Helloooo World !!

August 12, 2009
Everyone, let’s meet baby Jareth.
Lil Jareth, meet everyone.
My Beautiful lil’ boy .
Jareth born on the 080809…10.05am…3.4kg & 53cm .

I Have two healthy children.
My life is truly blessed.
We are all doing well.

Quick Update for Jeremy & Myself .

August 3, 2009
Things didn’t turn as good as i thot, Jeremy almost (but not) had to admit to Hospital last night, this boy of mine was so so stubborn until he refuse to drink, eat, take medicine, sallow his saliva, he even refuse to talk to us …. it seem the ulcers was very bad and pain in him . I was so so worry since Saturday , cos he is getting weak and thin . But started today, he slowly drink some milk and water… but still not much , can see some smile on his face… but still not in very good condition. Current arrangement was he be staying with my PIL (when the day i due) until he is fully and 101% recover from HFMD, even is 7 to 10 days, but the doctor said, the virus might still in his body, just to be save for “didi”… we keep him away for extra time. Otherwise he is not allow to go home to see me and didi …. sound bad and sad huh ?? It’s really break my heart every time i see him struggle from the pain and yet still refuse to drink and take medicine….. It’s really hurt me every time i see my time is near and yet he still haven even recover 50% …. . i keep telling myself not to worry, cos i know PIL and hubby was there to take care him & he is in good-hand. BUT one thing for sure … i will miss him very much.
As for me …..
I meet up with my gynea this morning and told him about Jeremy situation…. he advised me not getting too close to Jeremy . Well … is hard !! Is really hard. ( everytime i see him cry, i wish i can hug him tight)..I even told the gynea, i hope i won deliver so soon …. BUT he examined me and said i was already dilated 3cm . But i told him i plan to go home and wait for any “shown” only i come back.. otherwise i be admitted this Thursday… i told the doctor, i wanna to settle my son or at least i see him getting better and do some final packing … this and that …. Doctor smile and said, hopefully i can wait till Thursday … otherwise i be seeing him anytime, any days from now…..
Let’s keep my finger cross ….. “pray… pray….pray” ……Last, Thanks for everyone concerned and will update when i have the chance to log in to my blog again … so long….