Not so happy note …

I guess my entire family and friends waiting for me to ring and say ….. baby is arrive !! BUT it’s not happening .. i m still very pregnant . On the other hand, i hope baby WON’T arrive so soon … give me another week time. Cos Jeremy was “suspected” to have HFM (hand, foot , mouth disease) from the lil girl that confirm have HFM (Monday) from nanny house . Jeremy was taking care by my PIL since Tuesday . We thot we can overcome and avoid from this disease, but suddenly he had fever last night and been telling me his mouth was pain . This morning my FIL bring him to see doctor, doctor said lots of ulcer in the throat . This is really not a good news for me . Those are symptoms of HFM. According to doc, mostly he is infected by the HFM disease from the lil girl .
As a mum, i should have taking care him right now … BUT because i m pregnant ! Baby is due anytime, at the same time i was having flu & cough , worried my immune system was not that strong .. cos we were highly aware of the risk of infection (having close contact poses the BIG risk). I cant fall sick . I CANT . i must stay healthy and strong for the baby !!
All i can do was pray and hope that Jeremy recover from this as soon as possible before the ‘didi‘ arrive !! I don’t hope to see Jeremy being “quarantine” from us ( if ‘didi‘ was born). This is really an unhappy news and i m all worry now ……….. :”(

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