a lot of this and that in between

Alot of this and that in between this 2 weeks.
Let me just start with my pregnancy for Weeks 36 & 37.
Weeks 36.
Sleep is hard now, the pressure of the baby on my organs
make it really hard for me to breathe and turn.
We again had a 3D scan for the baby .. perhaps …
baby is shy and covered his face with his lil hand.
Only can see the lil nose and mouth .
Weeks 37 .
I’m doing well, there’s nothing wrong with me,
nothing wrong with the baby, everything seems to be going fine .
Just that, i m down with cough and flu again, hopefully can recover by this week.
Otherwise i will had a hard time during my confinement.
I am getting tighter and heavier by the day.
It takes a phenomenal amount of effort to bend down to pick something up.
Is also a final countdown for me ,
According to gynea, baby is coming out “anytime next week” @ Weeks 38 .
Waiting to pop …. Bag and baby carrier was packed and ready !!
Last Saturday was Jeremy last day in the music class.
We decided to stop the class for 2 months until everything is settle down.
Sure he will miss his teacher and classmate.
Lately i been telling him that “didi” will arrive very soon .
& he been telling me he is big kor kor already .
Hope everything going smooth when the real time is come.I get him quite alot of nice books last week… all from Scholastic .
Yes, i m the member for Scholastic Book Clubs.
So far he enjoy mostly of the book i get .
Those books also for daddy, so daddy have some “material” to accompany Jeremy
while i was busy with the lil new born.

Another not so good news from the nanny last night,
The lil girl that the nanny taking care was having Mouth and hand disease from the kindy.
My heart was sank when i heard this news last night … WHY now ??
So this two days, Jeremy was taking care by my SIL till futher notice and see how …..
I need to go to office to final hand over the works and job i been doing.

AGAIN ?? Yes ..
i am still baking at the last minute of this time of pregnancy .. o.O

Nothing fancy about the cupcakes , just purely Vanilla Cupcakes.
Just to fulfill my crave for a Vanilla Cupcakes.
Last, if u don’t see me blogging for a long period of time.
You know where am i !!
I m going to miss blogging & scrap booking, that’s for sure ….

Please pray for us , for me have a save and natural birth. TQ .


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