Company’s Family Trip 2009

This is the 1st time i joined my Company’s family trip to A’Famosa,
even i been working with this Co nearly 5 years πŸ˜›
It’s was also our second time to A’famosa, Melaka.
I decided to go at very last minute, cos i know Jeremy love this place.
Cos i know, we won have this kind of holiday in a short coming future .
At least for few months or even a year .
We will be busy with newborn and daddy will
be struggled to finish his final thesis before December 2009 .
At first i don’t feel like going cos i was almost 37 weeks pregnant.
Thot very difficult to walk and tired. Yes … i do ….i m very tired actually …
Lucky daddy was there with Jeremy most of the time.
Again .. i m the camera lady … captured those photos πŸ˜›
Many animals ride for Jeremy this time . That’s the main purpose we go .
Elephant Ride
Camel Ride
Pony Ride
Having fun @ Water World
Actually we had Horse ride, BUT becos the horse was “sneezing” many time
and Jeremy get scared of the sneeze sound.
Poor boy … !!
End up daddy had to ride the horse, cos already paid !!!! πŸ™‚
Even go together with colleagues ,
but hardly take photos with them

Cos every family was busy with their own kids and family .

Last … what i got for lucky draw during the buffet dinner ??
Not a grand or expensive prize, but just what i want.
I been trying to redeem one CD/MP3 player with my Jusco point few months
But out of stoke …. so this lil prize came just right at the time.

Daddy said, play more music for the kids in the room… especially the new baby πŸ˜›

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