The growing years @ 33 Monhts

33 months (17.07.09)

Let’s me jot this down before i go for a (“long holiday” + “long break” = 100 x BUSY )next month. I know what exactly i will be going tru . Nevertheless, in future i won able to jot down Jeremy Development month by months and so often . 3 more months my boy will be turning 3 years old . Hope i have some time to prepare a small party for him like last year …. i not sure …. but i will try . But i had prepared his birthday pressie in advance … hahahha.. alot of prezzie for him this time . Just want him to know that we love him very much and will never change .

When you ask him to do something, he may actually do it! he start to change his behaviour and do as mum or dad asks. Not all the time, of course.
He had the idea of sharing , but somehow he believe that he is the centre of the world and that everything belongs to him. But will still be likely to have a tantrum if a toy is taken away. At this age, he will still find it hard to wait for anything. Very impatient i should say.
Love to imitate other people’s words … good and bad.

Glad to say, my boy is not colourblind after many months of teaching him colour , Now he know and can tell most of the colour ( red, blue, green, white, black, yellow,purple, pink, orange,brown)
Can recognise number from 1 to 10 except 6 and 9, Can write 1, 2 and 3 . As for Alphabet, he still cant read the ABC, but he will tell u B is for Ball, C for Cat , D for dragon and so on ……
In the music class, he can Sings simple songs and plays an instrument alone as well as with group, Can understand basic principles of tone, pitch, fast and low music.
Speak in increasingly complex sentences by joining small sentences together to form longer ones and using sentences in different ways.
Overall physical development is good , walking, climbing, jumping, hopping, skipping, marching and galloping. Walks heel-to-toe and runs well.
Things he lately like to say and can really make my day : Mummy , i love you too , i m Big Kor Kor , I m Strong boy . I believe in telling our kids that we love them and he is special to us, this will help them to become more self-esteem and lovable kids.

Eat whatever is prepared by nanny (rice, noodle and porridge) and follow us eat whatever we are eating out.
Love his Vitamin C and Multivitamin and love his sugus and ribena sweet … somehow i try to reduce sweet intake. Give as rewards !!??
Fruits he love the most : langsat, rambutan, watermelon , longon and grapes.
Can drink up to 9 oz of milk at night before sleep. Don’t like plain water just like his mummy .
I do realize the more he grow up, the more he become fussy over his food intake.
Always have battle with him when sit together to have meal , either is outside or at home. He cant sit still for longer time, like to play with his food . I rather feed him sometime to reduce my stress and messy clean up .

Playing and learning:
I m glad he had a habit on reading, he love story telling, he love mummy reading to him every night, yes everynight !! I really hope this habit keep continue after he grow up too.
Love to draw and sketch …. can draw line, triangle, circle and simple face with eyes, nose , mouth, hair and ears.

Bubble Activity : This activity is designed to improve fine motor skills. These activities work to strengthen the pincer grasp – the grasp between the thumb and forefinger. This grasp allows you to pick up small objects and is necessary for correct handwriting.

Once a while we allow him to watch cartoon and games by using laptop or PC . He love this website ( barney, Pingu, Thomas and friends …. )

Of cos watching TV is part of the daily activities …. hmm … can be consider learning too, all depend what kind of program he is watching.

When my tummy getting bigger and bigger each months , less activities i have with my boy, cos i cant sit on the floor or as his level for too long . The best is still reading books with him during bedtime.

That’s all for Jeremy’s 33 months development milestone …. actually i had more things to jot down, but i m so forgetful during this time of pregnancy.


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