A Matter of Taste : 我自己亂配的

ehhh …. still baking ah ??
Ya wor, cos i still have some left over baking ingredients .
If i leave it till i m free later, surely it get expired & end up have to throw .
I already throw some away ….Wasted lor, as baking ingredients is not very cheap .

Why i said 我自己亂配的 ( cincai do recipe)
Cos i put in whatever i have in this cupcake/Muffin .
Don’t know should name it Cupcake or Muffin.
Recipe : Flour, Wholemeal Flour, Butter, mix dried fruits, brown sugar and others …
But it turn out soft, strong wholemeal taste and SWEET !!
Abit too sweet for me.

But … still cant finish the left over ingredient lei …
What to bake next ????


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