I’m the Monster …….

Have u bring ur kids for this Movie yet ??
We spend our Saturday night movie with Jeremy for this movie.
Properly due to School Holiday, the ticket sold out very fast .

This movie can keep him sit still from the beginning till the end of the show.
Recall back the last few weeks ….
We been like marathon on watching movie.
X’men, Star-track, Monster VS Alien What else ??
Terminator Salvation and Transformer still in our waiting list .

If no body free to taking care Jeremy, we will bring him for those movie as well.

Last Sunday was another outing for us .
Daddy decide to bring Jeremy to the Zoo Negara .

yes…. let’s go to the Zoo.
Let’s go to the Zoo.
That’s lot of thing to do / see…
There are elephant at the Zoo…
There are giraffe at the Zoo…
Lucky we bring along the PIL … They can help to take care, carry and accompany Jeremy.
The Zoo is big …. have to walk and walk and walk …. kinda tired for me .
We been to the Melaka Zoo before when Jeremy was still young .
But to be honest, i prefer Melaka Zoo….
even the Zoo is smaller, but more animals to see & the entrance fees is cheaper too.

Jeremy love animals, that why i found very easy to teach him anything which
relate to animals … example … Jeremy able to tell some of the animals baby name like :
Dog – puppies
Cat – Kitten
Orang Utan – Infants
Pig – Piglet
Lion – Cub
tiger – Cub
Frog/toad – Tadpole
Squires – Infant
kangaroo – Joey
Rabbit – kits
Chicken – chick
Bear – Cub
Recently he learn to recognize some of the WORDs like :
Lion, Fish, Cat, Dog, Bee, Tiger, Frog, Pig ..
( other still in the progress of teaching him)

Daddy even say, when Jeremy grow up in future…
During school Holidays, let him work as a “Zoo Keeper” …. hahhahah


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