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Pregnancy Update : Weeks 29, 30, 31 & 32

June 25, 2009
Pregnancy weeks 29 : Lack of stamina
Most of the time I had problem when come to walking too long, too fast, go up and down the stair …. can really kill me sometime, i cant breath easily, properly lack of stamina & exercise. I can imagine, i will get even difficult when come to the last month, that why i need to get my thing done as soon as i can, so i can rest more during the last months . Never too early to prepared !!

Pregnancy weeks 30 : Prepared for the new arrival
I can said i m almost done with the preparation , beside those small small things like baby lotion, baby napkin liner , shower bath … well.. so call daily use will get it next month . The rest of the big item like breast pump, baby carrier ( for the car) & baby car seat , BPA bottles, teats, bedsheets, baby room, new air-cone for the baby room, and etc etc …. is almost done and in hand now . I even started to wash all the new born baby cloths … dig out all the old baby cloths … to be honest, i really save alot on this baby , cos it can always reuse the big brother cloths , can always reuse those toys and ….. shoes and many more … of cos to be fair , i bought some of new pair baby cloths and toys for our 2nd prince too. Sometime when come to think about it … as a shopping queen like me, if i have a girl, sure ‘pok-kai-very-cham’ ….. hahhaha but is true . I love buying things for my kids/baby. Perhaps all mummies like to buy nice and pretty things for the kids.

Pregnancy weeks 31 : Baby doing great and 3D scan for free !!
My baby boy doing great in me, he is getting very active nowsday … Something is jabbing you in the ribs. Something squeezing against your side. Something pawing at the lining of your tummy. Something head-butting your lungs and bouncing off the walls of your uterus. … sometime i can quietly seat and look at my belly, see how the baby move around me, i feel some creature swimming inside me . Sometime i feel abit pain too … cos he is moving very strong, is that means another notty and active boy on the way ??? oh dear ………
I always wanna to have this 3D Scan , but i know is very expensive, its cost RM250 – RM350 per scan , as long the baby is perfectly healthy, i didnt really go into 3D scan. But i was lucky to have this 3D scan when my gynea was having this demo machine to be test … so i get it for FOC … the machine cost around half a million, that’s why they were having this demo and test for 3D scan, and i m lucky to have this scan . Of cos it’s very much clearer compare to 2D.. i can see a clear pictures of baby face and the rest of the baby part like hand, leg, fingers …. cool cool & is so tiny and cute 😛

Pregnancy weeks 32 : Maternity cum family photos shooting session .
Remember my previous post, i mention i have something meaningful during my anniversary ??? Yes .. yes …. i finally decided to have my Maternity photos shooting session , exactly on my 6th anniversary & during my 32 weeks ( 8 months) pregnancy . As you can see… my belly not that big for 8 months, that why it took me sometime to decide to shoot or not to shoot , perhaps when to shoot ??? … but my belly button is push out so far like an huge, rude nipple. i have this push out belly button for my 1st and 2nd pregnancy . Normally when i m not pregnant , i have this nice deep “inny” belly button . Another thing i m hoping and keep my finger cross that those “red maps” didnt turn out during the last months …. “pray hard” … not at all for this moment . I been very hard working on putting this special & expensive cream for my belly !!! So, i hope it’s help …..

It’s really took me sometime to decide whether to have this maternity photos shooting or not . I dont look that great beside my belly .. hahhahaha …. i have no confidence in myself at all. We have few list of photographer , some are bloggers, some are my hubby friends, some are recommended by friends. Every photographer have their strong point and great skill.. very hard to decide who to choose, after discuss with my hubby , and think think think ….. we decide to choose this photographer . Hmmmm ….. i will review in detail and show more of our photos once i get the rest of the nice photos … …. now i can only show you 2 of the pictures we took on 22 June . Cos i ask the photographer to email me one or two for me to update on my pregnancy post in my blog … I love my boys photo (Big & Small), they are great model compare to mummy !! Especially Jeremy …. he’s such a great lil model !! Out of my expectation for a active and 2 yo boy !!


wordless – Our Anniversary

June 23, 2009
Yesterday was our 6th Anniversary.
We had something on yesterday .. but i need sometime to blog/post .
Abit busy and tired lately.
Anyhow, a simple LO for today …
Just wanna to record this special day in my blog.

Happy Father’s Day

June 19, 2009
Before i go for a blog break …
I like to wish every Fathers, Fathers-to-be, Grandpas,
“Happy Father’s Day”

A simple LO for Jeremy’s dad .

& not forget a simple LO for Jeremy’s Grandpa.Both of them for me are Super Great Dads,
Even sometime they are serious or they seldom express their love so easily.
Mans always have their own pride.
They hardly shown you everything in ‘clear’ pictures… i guess.
But what they have done behind is always something “big” and “priceless”.

“I never never celebrated Father’s day when i was young,
“Father’s and Mother’s day seem not exit in my life” when i was a child.
& i cant even tell you or described how i feel for them.
Perhaps is very little and i even cant recall when is the lastime
i had talked to them heart to heart.

It’s many many years ago …. the memory was blur and slowly faded away….
Well… doesn’t matters anymore.
What we ( me & hub) can do now, is be the best to our own kids.
This is the time to feel a mum and dad’s love among ourselves…. for me at least….”

I will take a break , it will be a very busy weekends for us.
I even take a few days off to do something very meaningful … 😛
However, will come back with more update and photos.

What he may be doing now …..

June 17, 2009
@32 months

( We had transfer him to a booster car seat)

Weight : 13kg + .

Learning through Playing :

He love his jigsaw puzzle . Everyday he have to play at least once … haha… really worth to get him the jigsaw puzzle, I m very surprise he had the patient to do it , of cos with my accompany most of the time . Now he almost can solve the all four puzzles by himself just need a lil bit more of patient 🙂

Recently I get him quite of number of wooden puzzle . That how he learn his ABC , 123 and 一 二 三 . Not all he can remember . He can tell me that “B” = Ball, “C” = cat, “D” = dragon, “Q” = queen. “W” = Walrus and so on …… but he cant remember the alphabet sound such as A, B,C . I guess He had a photographic memory . Means, when he pick up a certain alphabet, he will tell us is for …… rather then telling me the alphabet sound. Is this the correct way ?? Mummy to Jayden & Justin been introduce me a CD call Brainy CD (ABD) which can help a kids to learn how to pronounce & recognize the alphabet sound . Still in learning process. Beside puzzle he love his drawing tools such as “the pictures below” he love to trace shapes and animals. Those are very interesting tools for kids, to train their lil finger ,creativity, motor and thinking skill .

His behavior :

He been extremely attached to me . Started this months, I have problem sending him to nanny house, cos he cant see me leaving him, he will cry very pity as I m really leaving him for long , and I m truly feel very bad about this . Everyday when we drove our car out even during weekends. He will tell us “Don’t go aunty House ar” ….. Me and hubby been asking him why and anything unhappy happened in nanny house ???? Or anyone buli or beat him ??? Sometime he reply “ 没 有 啊” (nothing) or “ 跟姐姐打 架” (fight with jie jie) ………………..

I do drop by nanny house the other day , of cos I didn’t ask whether the nanny is beating my son or not ?? I just ask her , does she realize that my son is unhappy , cry or being different in her house …. She reply that Jeremy is very attached to her as well, not allow her to go kitchen or going out from the house, other wise he will cry very bad too !! Apart from that, he is fine and nothing wrong …. Nanny reply most properly is becos I m pregnant, he wan many attention from us …. O.o As usual little thing that didn’t come his way …… he will make a great mad !!

Sometime he is very clear and understand what are we trying to say and what the music teacher want him to do, BUT he purposely ignore and pretend he dunno .. Sometime he even pretend and give us answer/excuse like “给我看一下巴了“ ,“ 我没 有 啊” 。”等一下”。。。

Basically is this few main behavior that make him a difficult boy . Other than that , he is a very loving little boy, his expression and captivating smile will surely win your heart . . I will not lost my temper to him easily when I come to think that he is not that bad after all .

He is such an unpredictable boy !!

June 4, 2009

Recently i have hard time with this lil boy. He is such an unpredictable …. automatically my mood swing had slowly follow him. He can be real good and loving yesterday …& Today he can be real difficult to handle .Showing lots of tantrum recently, Sudden and sometimes fierce, often over as quickly as it starts. One minute we are enjoying the games and dinner together,the next he be whimpering, whining, and then screaming . He can cry for very long till he get my attention or till i come back to him .Sometime he will behave quite aggressive and whack/hit other people . Including us, adults or lil kids/playmate… I know at this age of two , only “me” and “mine” ….That’s why sometime i m very worry when he meet up with other kids, i so afraid he will hurt other people . That’s what i worry before we go for our music class every Saturday , i will have to remind him to behave good in the class….repeat to him again and again …. Well, as i say he is such an unpredictable boy, he can behave and listen to the teacher very good, and sometime he just misbehavior and being aggressive in the class .

I also encounter with bedtime battle and morning wake up battle .I usually put him to bed around 930pm … We read, write and draw or he can play himself , by 1030pm he should be in bed, but he can play himself or need my accompany till 12am . Then the next morning he can’t wake up and start to cry saying “i dont want to go nanny house, i wanna to sleep “, things like that ….. on and off almost every days .

PIL been questioning me about his misbehaves/behavior problem too . I not sure, i don’t know … just so unpredictable. He want my attention ?? of cos i do give him. He want me to carry and accompany him ?? of cos i do ….. i will try my best to make him a happy boy … i always finds way and new things to play and have fun with him .BUT sometime things doesn’t work that easy .

Little by little, all and all of this … Can really make me out of control , mad .. and lead to whack him out of my anger.The next thing … i feel awful and bad . I feel even worst, when almost every morning i drop him to nanny place … he will tell me “ mummy, i wan big big hug”… sound like he don’t get enuf love from me …. doesn’t that make me feel bad ??…. that really sweet and melt my heart.. the next things i can’t control my tear while drive myself to work 😦

I have few friends or blogger that i manage to call them and chat with him … cos they have similar scenario like mine – a difficult boy . They told me is very normal, especially i m pregnant, is very normal for him to behave this way … cos still in Terrible TWO . Seem like i m not alone . I never really see or deal with other people kids, i don’t know how misbehaves they are compare to mine . I hope eventually Jeremy will outgrow this misbehavior sooner or later .

I’m the Monster …….

June 1, 2009
Have u bring ur kids for this Movie yet ??
We spend our Saturday night movie with Jeremy for this movie.
Properly due to School Holiday, the ticket sold out very fast .

This movie can keep him sit still from the beginning till the end of the show.
Recall back the last few weeks ….
We been like marathon on watching movie.
X’men, Star-track, Monster VS Alien What else ??
Terminator Salvation and Transformer still in our waiting list .

If no body free to taking care Jeremy, we will bring him for those movie as well.

Last Sunday was another outing for us .
Daddy decide to bring Jeremy to the Zoo Negara .

yes…. let’s go to the Zoo.
Let’s go to the Zoo.
That’s lot of thing to do / see…
There are elephant at the Zoo…
There are giraffe at the Zoo…
Lucky we bring along the PIL … They can help to take care, carry and accompany Jeremy.
The Zoo is big …. have to walk and walk and walk …. kinda tired for me .
We been to the Melaka Zoo before when Jeremy was still young .
But to be honest, i prefer Melaka Zoo….
even the Zoo is smaller, but more animals to see & the entrance fees is cheaper too.

Jeremy love animals, that why i found very easy to teach him anything which
relate to animals … example … Jeremy able to tell some of the animals baby name like :
Dog – puppies
Cat – Kitten
Orang Utan – Infants
Pig – Piglet
Lion – Cub
tiger – Cub
Frog/toad – Tadpole
Squires – Infant
kangaroo – Joey
Rabbit – kits
Chicken – chick
Bear – Cub
Recently he learn to recognize some of the WORDs like :
Lion, Fish, Cat, Dog, Bee, Tiger, Frog, Pig ..
( other still in the progress of teaching him)

Daddy even say, when Jeremy grow up in future…
During school Holidays, let him work as a “Zoo Keeper” …. hahhahah