Pregnancy Update : Weeks 25, 26, 27 & 28

Pregnancy Weeks 25: I’m in pain

I have problem with sleeping at this moment…. My right backside and tight was pain especially I was trying to sleep at night. I can only sleep on my left side . Every night I will accompany Jeremy to sleep … after he fall a deep sleep, daddy will only carry him to the single bed beside us . During that sleeping time with him, I have to watch out for my tummy …this boy ar … can suddenly accidentally kick on the tummy, sleep on me ….. so I always have a big pillow to protect my belly.

Pregnancy Weeks 26: Belly Bump

Coming to 7 months, now only I able to see my belly getting bigger … other wise …people always said… it more like a fat tummy rather then pregnant belly . When i pregnant with my 1st boys, it’s almost the same belly saiz I have . Recently I find myself bumping into table, chair and people… especially I was in the classroom …..

This seat will not be longer to fit me soon …. I found difficult to get up also ….. sometime can be embarrassing in the class when ask to present and talk in front, and people was looking and waiting for me to get up …. Hahahhaha.

I didnt able to lost the 5 – 6kg from the previous pregnancy . So when it add+up into this pregnancy. The whole figure of my body doesn’t seem i m pregnant , especially the previous 2 months. It’s more look like chubby mums rather then pregnant lady, as what Jeremy call me “mummy fat fat” . That’s why i had nothing to show and share with you my pregnancy photos. Believe me …really nothing to show . aiseh ……..i still waiting for the right time to shoot my pregnancy photos.

Pregnancy Weeks 27 & 28: “feeling sorry”

When I was expecting with 1st baby … the feeling and experience was kind of excited and look forward . I have a baby! I am a mother! It was exciting and exhilarating. But it was also scary and terrifying, scared about giving birth …. hihihihi. Everything was just so new and different! It was thrilling, rewarding, pleasing and overwhelming. But with this 2nd baby I was more worry and more thinking and concern many thing around me …. I do happy , I do love my baby, but the feeling was kind a different .

I worry I cant cope with 1 baby and 1 toddler at the same time .

(Jeremy is still very much need me most of the time , daddy sometime cant handle him and read his mind)

I worry 2nd boy will be as naughtier and difficult to handle compare to 1st boy .

(Jeremy can be a very very difficult boy … he can make me so mad and down at time …he can cry for hour to get my attention. )

I worry I get emotionally drain out, I worry I won have a good time when I cant handle or I cant get what I want for this 2 boys, for myself, for my hubby and manage the home.

( with my 1st baby, the first 3 months was really difficult, i feel like i m going to start all over again )

So … the whole feeling for this baby is different, i know I m bad, I do feel sorry for baby and feel unfair I had this silly feeling . Well .. i m just simply sharing my feeling here. I hope this feeling will go away once the baby is here , but of cos i wanna to smell a newborn again !!

To make this post abit more nicer and not so emotional …

Let share with you my baking for this week

– Oreo Cupcake –


7 Responses to “Pregnancy Update : Weeks 25, 26, 27 & 28”

  1. agnes Says:

    yea, am sure will encounter difficulty while sleeping soon.. hahaha, and I did the same.. use a pillow to protect my tummy while sleeping or facing Chloe my back since we sleep together every night.. else she will either purposely kick me to ‘make sure’ im around or kick me accidentally while she was sleeping.. no plan to move her anywhere yet but to get Papa to co-sleeping w her loh.. see how…

    besides, no worries abt ur weight gained am sure u can do something abt it aft the delivery as long as BB is healthy.. nothing worth seeing them growing happily rite? dont let this over bothering u ok?

    same as the “planning” of taking care of 2 boys.. dont even think or make assumption urself and am sure God will do the best for all.. 😉 ur worry will make BB feel stress mah.. worry only by then loh.. not now lah.. we couldnt control also.. why waste so much time leh?? 😉

    anyway, how come got classroom? u work as teacher??

  2. Anggie's Journal Says:

    Thanks for ur encourage here..Sometime feeling negative thots is very difficult to control wan .. just keep on in my mind ….it can come anytime, that y i try to keep myself busy, seeing more newborn stuff or sleep…

    oh …. i do attend class every Wed and Thu for some Technical language course … very tired, but i enjoy the class la.

  3. Serene Says:

    As you said, sometimes having negative thought is quite normal. Don’t worry, you’re blessed to have 2 mans there with you, and another one is on the way. Stay cheerful I belive you can go through this phrase very soon. Your Oreo cup cake looks so tempting! Can i have some? haha!

  4. jacss Says:

    don't feel too bad anggie, i think it's yr maturity level that played up a different perspective now. u hv been a mom & so u knew how heavy the responsiblity is…so it's fair & just that u r giving more thoughts than before!!
    enjoy the remaining pregnancy days & spend some good time with jeremy bf di-di arrive.
    nice oreo cupcake there….

  5. andrewjune Says:

    anggie arrr…
    you’re always worried about so many things lah! DON’T lah!

    if you think first 3 mths can be difficult, then pls ask for help from ppl around you…or get a bb sitter or can ask extension from the confinement lady…you cannot do everything by urself ok!

    after delivery, you must rest a lot and take good care of urself!

    yeah, first time becoming a mummy can be pretty exciting ehhh…second time around, maybe not too excited anymore…i guess it’s pretty normal to behave this way…hehehe…


    you’re so blessed with another prince charming…

    so life’s indeed ALREADY beautiful for you, dear…dont stressed urself more there ok 🙂

    wow so fast you’re 7 mths preggie liao…you will be delivering soon!

  6. Malaika's mummy Says:

    Dont worry too much. You will cope with it when the times come. I had lots of negative thinking too before the 2nd baby arrived.

  7. Pet Says:

    Breastfeed is a good way to slim down… 🙂

    Did you bfeed Jeremy last time?

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