Lil boy having fun in the Beach !!

This is the 2nd time we went to PD/beach with our lil boy,
But this is the 1st time he really step on the sand beach and enjoy the sea & wave!!
The previous time he was still too young and afraid of the wave sound and sand .
Yah … we stay 2D 1 N at Avilion Admiral Cove. PD.
This is also the first hotel in PD i told my hubby i be coming back again here for Holiday.
The Hotel is really nice and very relaxing .

The price is OK and i think i paid for what i get !!
Our room was facing the sea view , the swimming pool & the yacht .The swimming pool is nice too .. especially the children pool.
Properly we went during weekdays, not many people,

Jeremy can have the pool all by himself.

From the hotel to the beach, it took about 5 minute walk only.

The beach is quite clean , we where enjoying the beach from 5pm to 730pm.

Just the right time… not hot, windy and able to see the sunset.
I love that moment !! It’s was cooling , windy with sea wave !! See .. father and son was so happily enjoying that moment.
Well… of cos i do enjoy myself seeing them so happy & having so much fun.

i do … even i didn’t have photos here … K …
cos i m the camera women here la.

Who going to take for us ?? … no body in the beach also.
Got also kids with all wet !!

BTW, i really don’t look good during this pregnancy.

well.. when the right time come, i will take more and share with u my preggie look .
i promise !! O.0

We also took back home some friends from the beach !!
hahahha… out of 7 hermit crap, 3 hermit crap is still alive.
Cos we have a sea aquarium at home, that y is still alive !!

The rest was eaten by our sea fish at home – notty fish !!
Last, as i mention earlier in my previous post,
last weekends is also daddy birthday .

I m too busy to bake him a nice cake …
so no nice cake with candle .. sorry dear!!

But got a prezzie for my hubby.
hihihi Crocs shoes !! That’s all for this week sharing . Happy Weekends to everyone who drop by here.


9 Responses to “Lil boy having fun in the Beach !!”

  1. Sasha Says:

    wahhhhhhh very nice holiday wor!

    and happy birthday to yr hub, a belated one that is!

  2. slavemom Says:

    Wat a nice n relaxing hol. Hv nvr brot the kids to PD b4. Will consider this hotel if we go. The environment looks nice.

  3. andrewjune Says:

    yeah the hotel looks nice…and i love to go resort places during weekdays and non-peak season…more privacy mah 🙂

    both daddy and son always love wearing cap huh…

    wah, william got new crocs shoes…one lucky guy! nice color and nice design!

    waiting to see your preggie photos hehehe…

  4. Pet Says:

    Very nice PD, we went there last time to visit my hubby’s aunt and didn’t really tour around the area.

    Hey, it’s your hubby’s bday and you get a gift? hmmm…. 🙂

  5. wen Says:

    is avillion admiral cove the same a avillion water chalet? looks like a nice place to go to.. maybe will go there when there is no other option..

  6. agnes Says:

    wow.. nice outing!!! we are yet to bring chloe to either swimming pool or beach lah.. am sure she LOVE it!!!

    opz, tot got “pantang” buying shoes for our second half? dunno leh, my husband “pantang” 1 wor.. hahahaa.. so I also dunno what to buy him for bday.. give ang pao loh sometimes.. 🙂

  7. Anggie's Journal Says:

    yah… lastime we also pantang buying shoes, it means ur other half will follow other women and run away wor …. but if we dun believe that … then no border la.

    this avillion is different from the chalet wan, this is hotel type and is cheaper then chalet… chalet is far too expensive la …. i think double ++ the price lei for one night. BUT from same company.

  8. Serene Says:

    Wah.. nice holidays! the hotel do has nice view, is it expensive? I can’t wait to see your preggie photos lah. heheh, I think all preggie mummies looks 幸福!

  9. jacss Says:

    that hotel certainly looked nice, i will have to try it out one day!!
    and nice croc there….

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