We’re back ….

Dear All … We’re back from our short vacation.
But .. i was tight up with some works and study over this week .
Will update once everything is clear .
& of cos will blog over to your blog soon ….
But can’t wait to share some nice photos with you here .
tata & see you again very soon…

10 Responses to “We’re back ….”

  1. khongfamily Says:

    Avillion Admiral Cove…haha. You like the place?

  2. Sasha Says:

    wah nice!!

  3. andrewjune Says:

    ehh i thought you went to langkawi…hihihi…
    beautiful beach shots!
    wah, so nice to go to the beach and unwind horrr…

    we have not brought rachael to the sandy beach yet…eventhough the beach is just opposite our home hahaha…

    hubby’s fault lah! hahaha…

    anyway cant wait to see the rest of the photos and the radiant preggie mum!

  4. MommyAngel Says:

    Oh …. This place is very nice. Nice picture there you’ve got.

    I really salute you can still go travel and also doing your ‘studies’?? Wow ….. when I am pregnant with Angel, basically I am a ‘dead person’ who sleep 24 hours a day. Do take care and welcome back Anggie 🙂

  5. wen Says:

    looks like a nice place! where is it?

  6. Food For Tots Says:

    All the shots are very nice esp the sunset view!

  7. Pet Says:

    wooo, what a relaxing holiday. Ya, this the place to go when you are pregnant.

  8. Mummy to QiQi Says:

    ncie place!! where is it ah?

  9. Malaika's mummy Says:

    wow.. like the pictures.. nice

  10. Zara's Mama Says:

    nice nice nice.

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