Happy Birthday, My Love & Happy 31 Months, My lil’ Love

This weekends will be a special and busy week for me.
Becos we will be out of the town and city for a short distance vacation.
Yes … just 3 of us. I just cant wait …. 😛
Before i go for a break.
I like to wish the man i married for the past 6 years …
A Happy Birthday… ( this Sunday)

I search and found out this little music video is just wonderful
to show how much we love him.

Thanks to Elegant Wordart2.Music by Yiruma
( I copy the link there ) Click on the you tube or link to have a bigger view .
Also Happy 31 months to my little man this Sunday too.
Nothing to be update for this months, just a simple LO to share here.

But i have a message for this 2 special person in my life.

I really don’t know what could i do without both of you in my life .
I cherish every moments we have spend together ,
whether is a loving one or a not so loving one :p
I love both of you more then i could ever put a words, dear .

To the world .. you might be someone…
But for me as a wife and mum…. you both are my world.
It’s a wonderful gift to have you both in my life.
I m blessed in many ways.

Someone been told me that
God has been selective in what he is giving me.
I believe this to be the true.
A great man and a great son , so do my unborn lil son in me now …
I always wandered what my purpose in life was ??
Sometime i still uncertain what my/our future will bring …
But i do believe … as long as i have you all by my side.
I have the ability to move forward.

Thanks with lots of love .
Last, wish you both a happy and healthy life ahead.

From … wife + Mummy


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