There’s no place like HOME.

Sometime kid get bored when u have nothing to occupied them especially at HOME.
JUST like my boy .
He started to get into things that he not purpose to do .
He started to dig the things out from the drawer, go to the kitchen …. Sure u know !!
Before i started to scold or “scream” at Jeremy …
“come here” “nope” “u stand here” Why u do that”.. bla…bla..bla…….
I better find something for him to do .

I know TV can help to make my boy sit still and behave well for few hours.
But i just wanna to reduce him for too much on watching TV.
Nanny cant help, so most of the time she on the TV for those kids she taking care.
So at HOME, i try my best to reduce TV time for Jeremy.
I really don’t want him to sit in front of TV for too many hours per days !!
But cant admit that he still watch TV at home from time to time,
Especially when i m busy & no time for him.

Recently i bought some art tools just to make use of the time we have at home.
First let me share one of the art time we have .
I bought one set of 12 poster colour, some big A1 paper ( the bigger the better).
Just stick the paper on the wall ( at the back yard) .
& teach him how to do Hi-5 and paint on the papers .
I just let him paint what ever he want .
In ART, there’s no mistake just Creativity .
But i always accompany him during the activities, just in case he put color in his mouth.
or paint on other places ….

Even is a fun activities… but sometime can get into fight .
Cos he too much wanna be independent and don’t want to listen to me.
Everything also “i do myself”, “i know how to do” kind of thing šŸ˜›
Guess he is growing up so much already.

Of cos after the art time… i have to clean up the mess,
i have to clean and bath him. Use a soft or sponge to clean the finger and nail.
Alot of clean up job to be none after that . … hahhaha

Look at my prince… he is truly a prince or small king at home.
So much enjoy his bathing time..after the art time.
Some more serve with grapes.

I m still looking and searching more art time or craft to do with Jeremy in future.
Find those activities which is suitable for his age and just nice to spend
time with him at HOME.

I m NOT a homely person before i get married or before i have kid.
I will find time to go out every weekends or even took a leave off to go shopping
with my friends or all by myself very often.
But after i have kid, i guess HOME is still the best place to hang around,
or should i say i m lazy and tired to go out. hihihi
Am i become “si-lai” already ??? šŸ˜›

BTW, here are some of the wonderful sites or blogs which can help you
to get some idea for doing craft or nice activities with your kids at home.

Trust me …You will love those craft !!
I cant wait to start some of the art crafts with Jeremy soon.
If i cant send him to art class… i will surly teach him myself .


11 Responses to “There’s no place like HOME.”

  1. Shern's mom Says:

    Cool idea.. Hi-5 painting is a very good activity for kids, must do in the backyard better. Ya, the aftermath can be disastrous, but I’m sure kids love it.

  2. Bits of Taste Says:

    Hey mummy! You are doing great! Art and Craft are always the best for kid and too much of TV is definitely not beneficial. Thanks for sharing the links, very useful!

  3. Mummy to QiQi Says:

    looks so fun!

  4. andrewjune Says:

    wah love the photo of jeremy with his palm šŸ™‚
    wah bathing also get to eat grapes arrrr…really like a king worrr!

    i'm sure you can come up with more creative things for jeremy at home cos you're always a creative mum!

    btw, i'm not so much a HOME person as well but after being a mum, i guess sometimes being at home and spending time with rachael is more meaningful and most of all, can "control & manage" them at home better hehehe…

  5. Pet Says:

    haha…grapes in bath. Aren’t u afraid he slower with the soap?

    Btw, my children and I are having grapes as I’m writing this. šŸ™‚

  6. Ruth Says:

    Lovely and nice LOs… You created yours own word art? for my case, I’ll bring kids go out on weekend, as they are always at home the whole weekdays… a simply outing will cheer them out, some simply home activities will keep them busy and occupied their time:) colouring and painting or some kids scrapbook will be the best ideas too!

  7. Serene Says:

    Thanks, Anggie for sharing those creative craft blog. And the one you did with Jeremy was inspired me too. Shall go and buy some poster color and A1 paper for my girl to “play”… heheh =)

  8. agnes Says:

    yea.. no matter how still gonna keep an eye open eh?? šŸ™‚

    same here also coz the lil gal always say “do herself.. no need help!!!!”…

    kik sei.. coz i know she dunno mah..

  9. slavemom Says:

    Jeremy’s so lucky his mommy’s so proactive. šŸ˜‰ N thx for the links.

  10. Julie Says:

    Grapes in the bath tub? Multitasking huh? šŸ™‚

    You’ve done so much with Jeremy and still complaining? I have not done any activities with Jonathan yet and he’s turning 2 soon.

    You are doing great and keep it up!

  11. Zara's Mama Says:

    Eating grape in bath.. like some Roman big shot.

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