Happy Mother’s Day & Happy Friendship

Especially to All Wonderful mummies out there ….
Hope you all have a lovely day , whatever it might mean to you.
It’s means alot to me after i myself become a mom .
Even it’s totally change my life for the pass 3 years .
But i still like to be call as a “mom”. Especially Jeremy call me “m-u-m-m-y” !!
I think i m a pretty lucky mom too ….
Happy Mother’s Days to me as well šŸ˜›

I m off yesterday from my work ..
I go jalan jalan and makan makan with my best friends.
I do realize , every time i hang around with them, time flies so fast.
I reach them around 1030am ….we shop for a while,
Chit chatting and Enjoy some good food.
By the time i look at my watch … is nearly 4pm .. … means time to go home.
( cos i have class @ 5pm till 8pm on Thursday)
But i m glad i have time like this with them even it’s was short !!
Haha … We had good food at Tony Roma’s …
(btw, i forgot to snap pictures of us … only snap the food :P)
(the picture of 3 of us was taken during our previous meet up, before i pregnant).
See .. i m lucky to have such a nice and understanding friends.
We purposely took leave to meet up with each other,
so we don’t have to worry about our kid.
No worry about the jam and crowned people over the weekends.
We can just relaxed and enjoy the time we have !!

They wanna to meet up with me before i “pop”.
Cos they know i be “in-jail” for quite sometime *-*
Happy Friendship to us
Happy Mother’s day to all mummies.


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