The Building is Falling Down !!

What are they looking at ??? & Jeremy was telling me this ….
Mummy …. 你 看 Building 倒 下 来 了 !!
( The Building is going to fall down …… )

No la …. is the cloud that move .

The cloud is moving … That is why …
He had the feeling that the building (Twin Tower) is moving as well !!
As like the building is going to fall down …

We drop by KLCC for a while after visited my Granny in Sentul.
The photos shown how much he enjoyed himself at KLCC.

Surprisingly not much people as i expected .

We hardly go KLCC,
Cos normally is too crowned and very hard to get carpark especially weekends.

But yesterday .. after enter the carpark block,
We can find many empty carpark …. weird !!??

I even as my hub : “Izit empty carpark ar ??
Normally up down the escalator was packed with people,
the open garden was crowned with people ….
BUT yesterday …. we realize…. not much people as we used to seen lastime.
What is that means ?? *-*

Well … another baking of mine for the past weekend.
I even got myself a Silicon Cake Mould 模具 from Tupperware brand.
I actually been looking for this kind of mould(shape) for sometime.
The result for the cake look nice too.
The silicon mould make the cake easy to come out cos is soft and easy to twist .
& of cos, the cake taste moist and nice too .
White and Dark Chocolate Mud Cake
Again, who is interested … leave your email, i send you the recipe .
( sorry, i’m lazy to jot down the whole recipe here)

As u can see i baked almost every weekends.
But to be honest, i dont eat EVERYTHING up !!!
I actually enjoy the process of the baking,
or should i say, i actually enjoy the results or the outcome of the cakes/cupcake.
Rather then eating the cake … hihihi.
Normally i will pass the cakes to PIL, my aunts and leave some for ourselves.

Last, hope you have a fruitful weekend too .


15 Responses to “The Building is Falling Down !!”

  1. Ruth Says:

    Hey.. we also went to KLCC last weekend ler!

  2. jacss Says:

    haha…very strange, same for me i enjoyed d baking process more than eating them !!
    love yr cake & d mould.
    btw, jeremy was so near the beam of the lake, so dangerous my god!!

  3. Anggie's Journal Says:

    Ruth :
    Really ????

    No worry, hubby was just right beside him only … 😛 i crop the pictures out … hihihi

  4. andrewjune Says:

    hey anggie…

    the cake turned out very nice worrr…looks like you’ve become one of the pro in no time! keep it up yeah 🙂

    yeah usually KLCC is very crowded…prob it was a long weekend and everyone went back to their hometowns? or prob it’s bcos of the economic slowdown? emmm…

    btw, mother’s day is this coming sunday…i just posted about mine earlier hehehe…so dont worry, you haven’t missed the occasion!

  5. Sasha Says:

    wah i want the recipe!

  6. JO-N Says:

    Cute lil boy and nice bake.

  7. khongfamily Says: really spend your weekends baking and baking more cakes!! Luckily you have someone to give to and eat it for you. I have to wallop my own cakes for a few days….jialat!!

  8. Mummy to QiQi Says:

    how nice to stay next door to you, hahaha!!!

    silicon mould is easy to work with, non stick somemore!

  9. Serene Says:

    Hahaha… KLCC is falling down. What a cute talk!
    The mould looks like those use to make agar-agar hor. Plastic made? Is it microwave safe?

  10. HK Says:

    hey…how come u could find this mould ? i never see in Tupperware catalogue geh ??

  11. Anggie's Journal Says:

    Long way to go to become pro lei ..;P
    i thot i miss out mother day ..hihihi… phew

    Can, email to where ar?


    Khong family:
    Hahahhaa… if have to wallop all .. then i surely get bored to eat cake la …. i just like the process and the outcome… and of cos sendiri buat must eat abit la… but not much.

    mummyto qiqi:
    if we stay near by, then we can have bakery together often ..kan??
    hahahhaha … yah the mould is good la.

    Is SILICON mould … especially made for OVEN .. so do microwave.

    hahaha…. i was surprise when i saw this … straight i get without think twice .. another good news, there r clearance this product … so sell very cheap, but as i know not all place can get lei ….. u stay penang right ? so far …..

  12. jazzmint Says:

    means econ downturn ppl don’t wanna go klcc LOL

  13. Shern's mom Says:

    Your cake looks absolutely tasty. Feel like having a big bite of it 😛

  14. Annie Q Says:

    Your baking skill getting better and better lei. Like chin nee said, how nice to stay just next door to you. 🙂

  15. Bits of Taste Says:

    Nice mould and nice cake! I saw it at Cosway too… thought of getting one too…haha…

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