Pregnancy Update : Weeks 21, 22, 23 and 24 .

Jeremy use to say this to me now : Mummy fat fat , 重重。

Pregnancy Weeks 21 : Appetite is back !!

I can see my weight is going up slowly each weeks…. Hahaha… cos my appetite of eating is back . But I still don’t like plain rice and plain water . Prefer noodles or fried rice if ask to take in any rice . I still have my rebina drink every days in work . Still craving for sweet sweet things like : Cake, cupcake, chocolate , fruits (Apple, mangoes, watermelon, langsat )… I guess I m going to have an active baby, cos I been craving for sweet things …OKOK … I try to cut down … But i think most of the fat goes to me rather go to the baby, my tummy is still kind a small .

Yah, i know i been taking alot of unhealthy food 😦 hubby been complaining about this too ….

Sometime i was toooo lazy to prepared healthy breakfast or out for lunch.

I will just take in whatever is easy to buy and prepared.

(nasi lemak (“ta-pau”), tuna buns, homemade cakes ,fruits, chocolate , plain water/rebina…..)

But i guess, most preggie mums crave for spicy & sweet food .

Pregnancy Weeks 22 : Baby Movements

Only started this weeks I really feel the baby movements in a stronger way, normally is was so light like a feel of butterfly and bubble . I do a check up this week too …. Cos that’s a mistake on the appointment that I have to go for gynea check-up. My next check up suppose to be in one month time . Doesn’t matters…. Is good to know that baby is doing good even it’s was not very active in a movements yet . Let me share something wonderful to you here ………………..

Everytime I scold Jeremy the baby will slight kicking me, as he feel mummy is upset and angry .

Everytime I read and teach Jeremy at night before sleep, the baby is kicking me as he is learning as well .

Everytime when I put on my earphone for maternity song, the baby is kicking me lightly as he is enjoying the song.

Everytime when Jeremy is screaming and crying, the baby is kicking me as he heard the brother crying sadly.

Everytime when I m having spicy food, the baby is kicking me as mummy is eating too spicy … hahahhaha

Baby hear us …. He know how mummy is doing and how’s mummy is feeling …. !!

Pregnancy Weeks 23 : Nausea with the Obimin Plus Vitamin

Lately I started to take 1 capsules of Obimin plus …. But I duno why after few minutes later .. I feel sick , I feel like throwing up and dizzy… I really duno why… will check with my gynea the next check up , but I still taking it . cos is a good vitamin for unborn baby. I try to take during night time before I go to bed, so I won feel so bad .

Pregnancy Weeks 24: Honeymoon Period .

2nd trimester so call a honeymoon period for preggie mums… I do agreed with this. That’s is why I do some preparation and Searching any necessary things for this new baby .

Am I too early to prepared for baby stuff ??? Guess I am a little early ….. But I m the person who like to plan ahead, I don’t like last minutes preparation . It might be too big and difficult for me to prepared at 8-9 months times. What I have been prepared & Search:

  • Upgrade from manual breast pump to electric breast pump . Thanks to Chanel for his advise and expertise in this matters .Hope the electric breast pump do work for me.

  • Confinement Lady : Booked with downpayment !! Thanks to Chinnee who introduce her CL to me.
  • New nanny for new baby : Booked with downpayment !! One per one method, Monday (8am-7pm) to Saturday (9am-2pm) Why new nanny ? why not taking back the old nanny … so 2 brothers can be together … well … is a long story and Jeremy will be going to nursery next year.


18 Responses to “Pregnancy Update : Weeks 21, 22, 23 and 24 .”

  1. andrewjune Says:

    yeah those 3 things are the MOST important thing to be done first and esp at this stage!

    so nice you can feel baby “kicking” you… whenever you do stuffs that involves jeremy 🙂

    ehhh when i can get to see you during your preggie period? post up a photo lah…*hint hint*

  2. jacss Says:

    wooo….i like yr nasi lemak wor!!
    eat what u feel like now anggie, **evil grin**…after that no more excuse!! prepare early is good, hv a smooth preg..

  3. vickylow Says:

    haha I love the photo of your belly 🙂 I do like cold ribena too during my pregnany ^_^

  4. vickylow Says:

    haha I love the photo of your belly 🙂 I do like cold ribena too during my pregnany ^_^

  5. HN Says:

    I am now 29 weeks pregnant and still craving for spicy food too!!!Enjoy your ‘honeymoon’ now as much as possible … by eating 😀

  6. Mummy to QiQi Says:

    visited by all our preggy friends here. can see u all sharing the happiness in your pregnancy. make me thinking of another one!

    Anggie, love that pic! so beautiful!

  7. Pet Says:

    Investing in a good pump is good, I’m using Avent manual. So far so good!

  8. khongfamily Says: really planning ahead. I still haven’t done anything yet although I’m 30 weeks liao…haha.

  9. khongfamily Says: really planning ahead. I still haven’t done anything yet although I’m 30 weeks liao…haha.

  10. All Precious Moments Says:

    OMG! Anggie!! I didn’t know you are expecting #2! The late congratulations but still, better than nothing. Just bery busy loh…Thanks for dropping by my blog, I am fine. Sometimes just got inspired and write something different ma..Another little boy? Hehe…congratulations!! muakx muaks xoxoxo!!

  11. Miaoy Says:

    hmm..looks like u ve planned things well…
    eh…what’s that toy car doing on ur tummy???pengsan…
    dun take so much sweet things, other than fat, need to worry about pregnancy diabetes leh…

  12. Hazel Says:

    o. it’s good to do all the preparation now..i do take a lot of sweet food during my pregnancy, ice-cream and strawberry honey juice

  13. Anggie's Journal Says:

    aiyo … i get very giant la, not nice la .. hahhahah, that y i hardly took pictures . I still wandering weather to take preggie photo shoot or not .

    thanks …. yah.. i eat whatever i like …. worry after due, do i still able to lost all the fat moh !!

    Ribena is nice la with cold !!

    hahaha…. means u r at 3rd trimester lor? hv s smooth preg.

    Chinnee :
    Another one ???? oh dear …. i salute u.

    i have Avent manual pump too ….pump until my finger blue black last time !!! but i wan a electric wan… hope it work and fast !!

    mama Khong:
    Still got time …..

    All precious moment:
    Thanks !!! not late at all .
    But i do hope u r fine ya …. ur post …….emmmmm…. sound weird and something happen nieh… anyway.. take k ;P

    mummy tummy is mountain la for this boy to play his toys car 🙂
    ya wor…. been craving sweet things alot lei ….. 😦 will try to cut down ….

  14. Sasha Says:

    i also cannot take the obimin pill, dunno why i feel so sick after eating it.

    Oooo cold ribena.. i love!

  15. agnes Says:

    it’s not too early to prepare all the baby stuff.. just the right timing lah.. guess when it comes to 3rd trimester.. we dont feel like moving adi.. hahahhaaa

  16. slavemom Says:

    Good that ur appetite’s back. Enjoy ur honeymoon trimester! It’s good to plan ahead. Y wanna wait till last min when u can settle them now.

  17. Anggie's Journal Says:

    oh … u also cannot take ya … weired hor ??

    true… few more months i be very giant to move ard and go for shopping for baby stuff liau … how’s ur pregnancy ??

    agreed with u !!

  18. wen Says:

    u seems to have great appetite!!! r u craving for something sweet? it cld be a girl…

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