Family Music for Toddlers

I read an article about baby astrology long time ago .

Astrologers believe that the pattern of the stars at the moment of birth

determines a person basic personality .

i cant say i m 100% believe it ..but somehow it’s quite true.

Jeremy was born 17 October , his a Libra .

According to the Astrologers .

Libra are social, artistic soul who love to be surrounded by beauty and people. (true)

They will be come a chatterbox later .( very true)

As toddlers, they will probably love dancing, singing and

being center of attention. ( 100% agree) .

That’s my boy .

I enroll Jeremy to the Family Music for Toddlers (For children 16 months to 4 years old, with parents) , 30 minutes. Once a week.

He is very excited everytime I told him, mummy going to bring him to music class this Saturday/Today … that morning he behave very well, very co-operation on changing cloths without me yelling and casing him …. Drinking milk very fast and seat quietly in the carseat until we reach the music class ..:p

But …. But …. But ……something not very good on my boy was : – he lack of patient when the music class almost finish or should I say the last 5-10 minute, he start showing uneasy … try to run here and there, roll on the carpet or laying on the carpet while every kids is well behave with the mummy… oh dear . Jeremy even start to dance in the center of the people . Jump and shout (sometime) ! If he dance and jump, i m still ok and able to handle him…. if he scream and shout !!! i will surrender and wanna to “pengsan” hahahhaha .. so out of control… Lucky the class must be conducted with parent and toddlers… I don’t think the teacher can handle my boy while he start to behave “wild” !!

I remember when the teacher told me the class only 30 minute per session… I was like … “haaa….. 30 minute only ar ?? what can my boy learn ??” … hahhaha …. Now I think 30 minute is long enough…. Cant wait to end up fast to avoid scolding … hahhaa

But Jeremy is quite a fast learner i should say …Only after 4 session of learning He already know some simple English from the teacher : How to bounce, how to tape on the shoulder, how to tape on the feet … how to make a big circle and small circle by using hand/scarf, how to fold a scarf, how to hold a baby …. Mainly he slowly pick up some simple instruction & some simple English … he like the music class so much, that is why he pick up quite fast !!

Overall is still worth to send him to music class, even slightly expensive on the monthly fees … cos we are paying 30 minutes per-session per-week only . As long he is happy, learning and in long run process can improve his behavior … I willing to pay !!

In the class, some kids is very very shy, some is well behave, some is extreme high and active like my boy . Teacher said, children mostly have very short attention span and concentration, even they run and run around, but they are actually hearing what is around them & What is happened around them . This happened especially to BOY .

I once ask the teacher…. is my boy consider “hyperactive” ??? She said … NO …. He is perfectly normal at this age …

I personal like the programme, i think is a good start for my boy before i put him to Nursery/Kindy in future …….Let me share what is the programme here :

Parents & children will participate together in fun musical activities that foster bonding as well as enhance the children’s total development ie: Physical, intellectual, language, musical, confidence, self-esteem, creativity & social skills.

Activities in the class include singing, chanting, moving, dancing, focused listening, rocking, bouncing and playing developmentally appropriate instruments. These activities lay the basic foundation for learning music.

( If everything go well and smooth for us and for Jeremy, we will continue this programme even the little bro is arrive , it’s a good bonding between parents and kids, i do believe i will have less time for Jeremy when the baby is arrive… so i hope this programme keep us close and love 😉


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