Bento for Adults.

When i said Bento for adult …. means there’s NO Decoration on the bento.
I just don’t have the talents and patient to do a “pretty” bento like other mums do.
BUT, i really like to BUY bento lunch boxes and others accessory for bento use… hihihi
I even started to buy & collect for my boys . Some bento accessory is too small for Jeremy.
So i still haven really start any bento for him to take over to nanny place.
Hopefully in future, when the right time is come ….. i get to improve my bento-skill 😛

My hubby been complaining that all my bento lunch boxes was so “childish” and “small” .
None of the bento lunch box suit him …. hahhaha . Yah … is true …
I think he is “pai-seh” if ask to bring a “pooh-carton ” bento lunch box to work !!! LOL.
So i been looking around and search for a bento lunch box with suit my hub.
At the end i found one with special discount from Thermos brands bento lunch box.
Which i think is big enough ,suitable for my hub and not so expensive.
Without think twice , i straight bought it .

(So… the stainless steel Thermos bento lunch box is specially for u ya … dear !!)

Last Wednesday i prepared a simple breakfast for hubby and myself.
Very straightforward preparation without any nice and cute decoration.
That’s already took me 30 minutes to prepared .. slow ??

But i really like this 2 bento lunch boxes … so nice and good quality too !!

Oh ya another weeks pass …
Today also mark Jeremy 30 months old .Hope everyone have a great weekend ahead.


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