Steam, Bake & Cook

First of all, thanks for all the wishes and regards, i m fully recover now.

Like to share with you, what i have steamed, cooked and baked over the weekend.
Simple “简单” yet yummy … 😛 .. i like simple & fast cook/bake.

Another steam cakes = Banana Steam Cake.
The photos above shown how i steam the cake.
I can only steam 5 cups each time.
So it’s just nice for 1 or 2 days , cos is still fresh.

Butter & Rich Chocolate Cake.
Hmmm…. not a very success baking .
It’s look nice in the picture and real cake.
But is a bit too dry for me, not moist enough.
Will try again next time.
Cos Butter chocolate cakes is my hubby favorite.

Last , our favorite dish
Ready made Chapati garlic with Home Cook Curry Chicken.
I personally like to eat coti canai, capati, nat, kebab, pita bread ….etc..etc
& serve with curry chicken, curry fish….. beef .
So delicious … and simple to cook too .

10 Responses to “Steam, Bake & Cook”

  1. vickylow Says:

    Although your Butter & Rich Chocolate Cake not success bake but it look yummy.

  2. andrewjune Says:

    hi anggie…

    good to know you’ve recovered…pls take more rest ok!

    wah, even not feeling well, still so hardworking to do so many baking! wah “pooi fook lei” loh…

    they all look yummy!

  3. Bits of Taste Says:

    wah! so much of delicious food? yum yum…

  4. slavemom Says:

    Another fruitful w/end yeah. I love to eat roti canai n capati too. The other day, I bot some roti canai n ate with canned sardines. Yum yum!

  5. Pet Says:

    Wow… I really love moist chocolate cake. U want my recipe?

    Glad u are well again!


    Anything at the mamak stall are all my favourites too!

  7. jacss Says:

    hey anggie…yr steam banana cupcakes looked so perfect lar!! i love to try eating yr bakes one day….

  8. mo Says:

    It looks so delicious! mind to share your secret recipe? I like the chocolate cake 🙂

  9. Monica Says:

    I like roti kosong with kari ikan! You’re so good in cooking, I like the cakes! Yum Yum 😀

  10. Anggie's Journal Says:

    Vicky :
    It look nice , but taste not that good …

    Thanks … we r recover .

    When the mood come, then can cook and bake lor… other wise … lazy .

    Roti canai with sardin, i love that too.

    recipe from ur dad ?? oh … please…. hihihi

    Family first:
    Same to me ….. i m a mamak kaki too ..

    u can try lei … actually very easy too . easy then baking la.

    Mo.. thanks for dropping by …. but actually my recipe is abit out.. taste not that good, too dry …..

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