How to handle a rebellious child ??

How to handle a rebellious child ?? i got one at home , i got one which i so in love with him, i got one which i cant live without him …. but he can be really rebellious child !! Sometime i being so upset when my boy being so rebellious and naughty …. i upset, cos i cant handle, cos i don’t know what is the best approach . What is the best way to “save” him.

Me and my hubby been discuss about this rebellious child . Of cos for my hubby, spanking is the way … spank until he scared he will obey , for me i dun think spanking is the best way ……So …What is the best approach ? Spanking (we define this as one or two light swats on the rear back side, or on the hand )? Time-outs? Counting one to three? naughty corner ? Sitting down with the child to talk things over? A combination, perhaps?

As for me, i first give in, then i slow talk , then i started to warn , finally i will spank or i cane him !!! I believe Children need and want firm and consistent limits. We know it can be hard to hold the line on their behavior. It can be inconvenient, frustrating, maddening, saddening — but your children have to know that you love them enough to not just tell them “No,” but also to make the “No” happen. If you consistently give in, they might very well continue to push you in order to find out where the boundaries really are.

When i slow talk or warn him, i will want him to look at my eye and listen what i wanna to say, make it short sentence and easy for a 3 years old to understand, repeat again and again ….. i will explain what he done wrong … i also wan him to repeat what i say …. if he can , sometime he not able to repeat, cos he is crying !!Sometime he cry so hard and telling me : I want to be good boy” i wanna pandai” !! Spank & cane always the last option … which parents like to spank and cane ??? we hurt them, at the same time we hurt our self too …. 😦

After all the punishment . Either he will cool down and apologize , if YES, i will give him a hug and kiss . If NO, if still behave rebellious … he will remind standing there until he cool down and able to talk !!

It’s not easy …. i try many way … sometime work, sometime not work …. is like an experiment to us as a parent, till we find out what is the best approach …it’s can really hurt, mad and frus !! Not every approach is working …. either soft
approach or hard approach !!

What is my boy bad behavior which i thing i need to “save” him out from this behavior !!!
1) He like to throw things.. anything he can grap and reach … either he is happy or not happy … of cos not happy he will throw even harder with frustration .
2) He loves to interrupt when I am talking , or papa talking … he cant wait, he get fruswhen he not able to talk at the same time . He cry and spank and shout to us . I cant tolerate when he spank us when we not give in.
3) He like to show us the angry face with the face “up” and hand fold . I duno where he learn this !!
4) When some people came to our house, guest or relative … he wan my attention, he will start to throw things and shout. Why ?? i duno …. of cos i cant scold him when guest is around … but this can be embarrassing !!! like we didn’t well teach our son …

Some of my friend say, is a normal bad behavior in every kids… even is normal, but we cant take it lightly, it take time to teach before it’s too late … before he grow up and cant control anymore . I do worry !!

Do you all think people that a child /my boy join, people that he always be with that give him this bad behavior ??? I cant say 100%, i cant say No either …. Jeremy was with nanny from 8am and 7pm ….. There’s one jie jie is nearly 4 years old. Nanny always complain that both cant really get well … fight to each other , scold and shout to each other , cant share toys …. spank each other sometime , of cos sometime both can get well and play together, but very easy to get fight rather then play well…. “sign” ….. I seen the lil girl often … she exactly have the bad behavior i mention above . Poor lil girl, her mum only take her back on Sunday only . I believe no well teach and love from the parents 100% . The nanny that taking care my boy also like to shout !!! Is the bad behavior start from here ?? hmmm…. hard to say ….. maybe yes !!

To make my boy behave well and happy … i do sometime need to find new activiti for him, to keep him happy, keep him busy , keep him well behave, when he learn new things, he get excited, he show interest and he will listen to what i wanna to teach him … this is a good point and credit to my boy . Which he is willing to accept and listen when learning NEW thing . Bad point… the activity must be simple and easy … too complicated, he might lose patient !!!! & start to get mess …….. *-*

I pray and hope i can cope well when 2nd boy is arrive.. i hope i can teach my 2 boys with more patient and love … i know is a long run process . We love that why we care and worry !!

Last, i m going to enroll Jeremy to MUSIK GARTEN start this saturday !! We been to the trail class last Saturday, He show interest !! I hope he enjoy the class ….& hope to enchance his development in physical, intellectual, language, musical, confidence, self esteem , creativity , social skills ,sharing , indepentant ….. in long run process… will share about this in other post !!


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