Colour Blindness

The words ‘colour blindness’ are misleading. People who cannot see all colours are not ‘blind’ – they can see things as clearly as people who are not ‘colour blind’. Colour blindness means that a person cannot ‘see’ some colours, or sees them differently from other people. Very few people who are colour blind are ‘blind’ to all colours. The usual colours which they see differently are greens, yellows, oranges and reds.

I wrote this post , becos i was worry Jeremy was a Colour Blind kid . Why i say this ??
  • Mainly because my Brothers was Colour Blind, My brother cannot figure out RED and GREEN, he see this 2 colour in different way .( sometime i wander how he pass his exam in UNI ?? hahaha… my brother is an electrical and mechanical student..k )
  1. Red-green colour blindness is usually inherited, and occurs in about 8% of males and only about 0.4% of females. This is because of the way the genes for the different cone cells are carried on the chromosomes. The genes that lead to red-green colour blindness are on the X chromosome [males have only one of these and females have two].
  2. If a mother ‘carries’ the gene for red-green colour blindness (one normal and one altered gene) she will not have a colour vision problem. About 50% of the sons of women who are carriers will be colour blind (in any family it may not be 50% because the distribution of the genes is random).
  3. A daughter will not normally be red-green colour blind unless her mother is a carrier and her father is colour-blind, but about 50% of daughters of women who are carriers will also carry the gene.
  • I might be a carrier for Colour Blindness , if my sibling do have this Colour Blind . Chances was high for my boys to have colour blind . Especially BOY . Chances for girl is low.
  • I been teaching Jeremy for quite some time about colour .. But he pick up very very slow .People said Jeremy is still too young to understand colour !! Ok … Maybe . BUT few of my fren’s kids already know colour before they turn 3 . I m not trying to compare each kid … i just get “example” of the kid who know colour at age 3 and even younger .
Doctor said colour blind is not a very serious illness . But for me , It can be worth knowing if a child is colour blind because he may have difficulty at school, especially in the early years when many activities use colours, such as drawing and sorting blocks. Using a computer can be a problem too for someone who is colour blind. In future this can affect whether the person will be able to do certain jobs, or be able to get certain types of driving licenses. How sad if a kids have problem with colour ??

When children learn colour ??

  • All of the cells and nerve pathways in the eye and the brain are present from birth, and very young children can see the difference between colours if they are not colour blind. They do not see colours very well at first but soon begin to like colours, especially bright colours.
  • However children under about 4 years may not understand that the ‘green’ of a ball, for example, is the same colour as the ‘green’ of grass.
  • The child needs more understanding of things like colours, shapes and sizes to ‘see’ that different things can be the same colour.
  • Younger children may be able to say that the ball is green, but not able to say that grass is also green (they know that it doesn’t look anything like the ball, and are confused when we want them to say the same describing word!).
  • Many children are able to recognise and name colours by the time they are 4.

There are many sites on the Internet which have some colour vision checking charts . I try to print out some of the checking charts by using objects, cos Jeremy can understand objects . I m glad … that Jeremy able to name the shape like STAR, SQUARE, CIRCLE and Tractor (last image) clearly to me, without any help from us . Is that means he is colour blind free ?? I cant 100% be sure about this …. at this moment, he only know RED, BLACK, ORANGE & YELLOW. But once a while still mess up with red and orange colour .The best is get the children check face to face when the time is right and the age is right .

I got the above info from one of the article in Internet , and i think is very useful and calm me down after i read this . Properly i need to give Jeremy sometime to understand COLOUR.


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