Jeremy @ 29 Months

My Boy turn 29 months on 17th .

I realize that he is growing into a lil man. He able to understand what we trying to say, what we not allow him to do. Even sometime a eyesight from us …. he know what it means (angry, sad,happy or “go”). It’s just a matter he wanna to follow or obey. Mostly he obey but very fast he goes back to his “naughty” behavior . Here are some examples :

  • He will stops “naughty” behavior when you tell him to, but he soon goes back to it as though he doesn’t care what you want.
  • He may seem selfish, not sharing. He wants things others are using .Disagreements and frustrations are common.
  • He interrupts others and cannot stay long with one activity if others are not doing it.
  • He likes stories and imitates others… even from the TV show .
  • He may seem willful and disobedient and unable to justify “naughty” behavior. “Good” means “satisfying” to him; he still doesn’t understand rules much .

We do introduce “rules” to him .. but keep it very simple . What is right and wrong, which place can play and which cant . Be firm and consistent (usually daddy the one who is furious & firm) . Sometime after all the rules .. we still try to make him feel good , so easily he will obey and listen . He is the type of child that accept soft then hard approach “.吃软不吃硬” ….

But overall … he is doing “okay” at the moment with the “rules” we apply , sometime good and sometime bad. But we do have alot of fun with him and having him with u will never get u bored . He is fun, active , a lil chatterbox, good in kisses too . Talk about kisses.. recently he apply animal in all his kisses…. Elephant Kiss or hippo kiss( hold u tight and kiss u strong and big), Chicken kiss ( kiss u many many time like chicken) Dinosaur Kiss ( Kiss u very strong with the dinosaur sound) . Monkey Kiss ( kiss with ugh-ugh sound) … above all the kiss… mummy love the Sweet sweet kiss ( kiss u very gently with a loving smile) . hahhaha.. HE is such a funny & cute boy ..Of cos beside all the “naughty” behavior !!

& everyone love him “beary” much too …

Last, a slide of Oreo cheese cake with Chocolate butter cake to share with you here .I m NOT the fans of Cheese Cake … That why i bake another
layer of chocolate butter cake to put on top of the oreo cheese cake.
So, it doesnt too cheesy and too creamy for me.
Btw, the bottom part is none bake oreo cheese cake .

But the kids love it !! kids from SIL .
Not my boy ….my boy don’t like to eat cake.


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