Pregnancy cravings can come from no where and hit suddenly,
Sometime it can be quite disturbing !!
For example i had already had my dinner in the evening,
Then we go on with our daily routine and activities….
Play with my boy, watching TV or reading some magazines.
& i might see or heard something on the TV or newspaper about Banana Cake.

Then suddenly i have this image of Banana Cake in my head.
The image on and off appear in my mind ….
There you go …. my stomach start to calling me, calling the banana cake.
Feel nausea, hunger… i can even smell the banana cake … hahahaha
But the problem was… i wanna a rich Banana Cake .
With lots of Banana, butter and yes….. a SWEET Banana Cake.

Is already 10pm… where to get the Banana Cake ??
I don’t wan the square shape Banana Cake which is selling outside.
Not good and not rich for me.

Thank GOD… i had some Banana in the kitchen that day!!
Without waiting … i start to bake my own Rich Banana Cake,
With lots of Banana and Brown Sugar.
( that y my banana cake was abit dark in colour and moist and slightly wet)

Finally the cake i was craving was done/baked around 11pm.
Cant wait till it very cold.
I took a slide of HOT, SWEET & RICH Banana Cake.
hmmmm….. hmmmmm , is really nice ….
Done, i m full and satisfied during that moment of time.
Finally can go to bed without the image of Banana Cake in my head… phew ….

This Banana Cake was not very well baked and nice looking.
But it definitely suit my taste and craved !!!

It’s was right before 12am and just @ my 17 weeks of pregnancy.


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