Home made play dough

It’s been quite sometime i didn’t spend quality time with my boy.
Due to the morning sickness i faced for the past few months.
Whatever i cannot handle him, i just give him his toy cars
or switch on TV for him & ask him to choose whatever movie he like …. 😦
Cos mummy nausea and just wanna to sleep !!! ( feel bad now).
Even i ask my hubby to handle him… sometime end up daddy scold or angry with him.
Properly daddy is abit moody , busy and need to settle his Study case for MBA.

I realize we lack of patient when time like this (mummy not well, daddy stress of study),
We get angry with the boy when he is just out of control !!
Sometime i just feel bad for all this .

We had a long weekend , that we didn’t plan for any outing.
Cos of raining that we cant ride bicycle or even go to the Playground.
So … i have this idea to made him home made play dough,
While i was tidying my kitchen.
Play dough Ingredient : flour + water + colour.
What a good idea – Cheap & Save.
The only thing is this play dough cannot keep for long.

Using mummy cookies cutter for the play dough.
He even try to roll & cut the play dough all by himself.
At the end , he was very happy with the dough he cut (pooh & mickey)
The second day, i made him another set of red play dough.
He request me to made a snake & crocodile for him.
So both can fight !! Boy will be boy … !!

This moment of playtime can keep him for quite long.
& mummy get to play together and teach him how to roll & cut .
Even ask him to made an eye, nose and mouth to the shape we made.

– Happy ending for everyone without scolding-


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