Ka-ra-o-k for the kids …

This a back dated post & i totally forgot about this LO i been done !!

We had a dinner in one of the restaurant and a room all by ourselves, for the
Big whole family .. so the kids can play , sing karaoka and made lots of noise !!
Other wise the whole restaurant can be “break down” with the kids noise. hahaha..

I remember lastime when i first knew about this family … i was not marry yet .
But on and off i do joined the family activities. They love gathering !!
The Family always have dinner together + karaoka session.
& i always made a complained to my bf ( hubby now)…
The noise from the kids ( around 8 toddlers) i really really “beh ta han” .
When every time i leave the place … i feel my ears in peace … my mind also in peace.
BUT Now my boy is the naughtiest, the nosiest and the most “beh ta han” wan …. *.*
Cant imagine how it will be with another boy for me again … “lol”
oh dear ….” god pls bless me” “lol”

That why lo, we cant complain people kids is naughty ,noisy , miserable,rebellious
i dont like. Things like that ….
Cos same thing happen to our kids and i believe all kids are like that !!
Means that they all healthy and well loved by the family ….
Once i became a mother now.. i realize and experience this very much .
I then think every kids is cute ,loving & special .

Ok … back to karaoka …
My in law family love to sing karaoka… no matters adult or kids…
& this was very 1st time for Jeremy … he must wandering what’s the “ice-cream cone” for ??
I think he eat the mic more rather then sing …. but slowly he know the purpose of mic
and start sing his song like “twinkle twinkle little star & happy Birthday to u”.
But this boy of mine was very …. “pah tau” he always keep the mic all by
himself and not
allow to share. Each room only have 2 mic…
But my boy was well loved by all the kor kor and jie jie. Everyone give way to him.
He really a lucky lil man . Hopefully nextime he can share with his didi .

Even with the kids noise.. we do have fun,
i guess most old folk/grandparents like noise ..

alot alot of noise from the grandsons and granddaughters.
Don’t you think so ??


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