Bicycle Ride With Mummy & Papa….

We got this mountain-bike many many years ago .. especially the purple colour bike , properly my housemate in Ipoh still can remember this bike … it was my 2nd mountain-bike while I study in Ipoh , I bought this at RM150 second hand . I think already more then 10 years old . We keep it at the back yard since Jeremy was born … hardly used it. We even plan to sell it of cheap cheap … cos we didn’t used it !!

Suddenly one day i have this idea, why not we get a baby seat for Jeremy, so we can take him for a bicycle ride just around our housing area & my tummy is not big yet, so I still have some time for this bicycle ride….. hihihi … daddy can always bring Jeremy out for an evening ride , if mummy is not able to do this later ….

So.. we went to this very old and dark bicycle shop see what we can get !!!! Suddenly we found this … and old “Rotan baby seat” for only RM18 … what a steal !!! I though we not able to get this kind of old style rotan baby seat anymore . So happy I found this … cos is was very cheap and comfortable to seat with …. By the time Jeremy can seat on his own bicycle ( will get one for him later , maybe during his 3rd Birthday) … this rotan seat can use for my 2nd child later… Now almost every evening we have a bicycle ride around our housing area . Just a 10 to 15 minute ride can keep us healty and happily !! 🙂

Hmmm…. I realize the rotan baby seat doesn’t really match the mountain bike … but doesn’t matters- la …. As long we have fun with it . Now I think back … lucky we didn’t sell off the 2 mountain bike …. Can always use it as an activities with our kids in future !! Even we should have this idea long ago …… But guess still not too late, mummy still can ride for few months time and Jeremy still can seat on the seat !!!


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