Jeremy @ 28 months old !!

Jeremy @ 28 months old !!

Weight : Not really gain weight still 12kg only !!

Height : Duno

Milk : increase his milk to 20-25 Oz… now he also drink abit of milo .

Bedtime : ard 10pm – 10:30 pm

My boy turn 28 months tomorrow, every months I make a scrapLO for Jeremy monthly development… it really remind me that he is growing up month by month… Not sure am I still have time to do this after the new baby was born !! Properly not every months already..:)

I spend every night with Jeremy .. accompany him to fall asleep , read to him…everytime I try to talk to him …. He was not very concentrate on what I m asking , properly half play half listen ,but what he answer me make sense !! & sometime can really make me laugh !!

1st Example :

Mummy : 你今天在aunty家听話嘛 ? ( Do you behave good at aunty house ??)

Jeremy : 有听話 . ( yes, I do)

Mummy: Uncle 有在家嘛 ? ( Is Uncle at home)

Jeremy : Uncle !! ( Uncle beat hand )

Jeremy : Uncle 屁股 !! ( Uncle beat back-side)

Mummy : 为什么 Uncle ? ( Why Uncle beat you ??)

Jeremy : 满地是biscuit . ( Biscuit all over the floor )

Mummy : 你有哭mah? ( Do you cry then ?? )

Jeremy : 有哭 , woo woo woo…. Like that !! ( I cry .. woo woo woo.. like that )

Mummy : ( laugh out loud , the way he answer me)

Nanny husband was kind a serious and furious person. As I know Jeremy afraid of him !! That why mummy was here to investigate how the uncle treat my boy ….hooo hooo…..

2nd Example :

Mummy : 你喜欢弟弟和妹妹嘛?? ( Do you like younger brother or sister ?)

Jeremy : 喜欢 . ( I like)

Mummy : 喜欢弟弟还是妹妹? ( Then, u like younger brother or younger sister)

Jeremy : 喜欢妹妹 ( I like younger sister)

Mummy : 那样你要 sayang 妹妹 wor ??? ( Then u have to saying sister )

Jeremy : 不要, 我要打架 … shak ..spah..spak “ and show me his kungfu style” ( No, I

Wanna to fight )

Mummy : “ fainted”

I m slowly introduce baby or younger sibling to him, telling him that’s a little baby in my tummy . I hope he understand this and love his brother and sister instead of being so jealous .

Lately he slowly can understand this …. i recall back when i ask him not to kick mummy tummy …. he reply me : 有 baby ar ??? (got baby?)

3rd Example :

Mummy: 想要去哪里 ??

Jeremy : Tec- co ( “Tesco” still can pronounce the ‘S’)

Mummy : Tesco 什么? ( what u wanna buy ?)

Jeremy: Tesco买面包 . ( i wanna buy bread)

Mummy : Jeremy 有钱嘛? ( U have any $$)

Jeremy : 有钱 , 这里 … “start point here and there” ( I have money)

He is kind a talkative & curious boy … he can ask this question to us hundred of time everyday …. = 这是什么来的 ? or What is this/that ? sometime i was there thinking what is that … he already reply me : 你不知道ar ?( u duno ar ??) O.o


I like to say … he is 99.9% diapers free during day time, we start to train him 2 to 3 months ago . But not during nap and night time … even we put on diapers when we going out for shopping or for longer hour … just in case we cant get a toilet right at the time he wanna to pee… By the time he wanna to pee… is too late to find a toilet … so to be save, we still put on diapers when we going out for long hour . I have totally forgot about this training pants … but we still manage to train him well !! “save mummy money”

But how to train during night and sleeping time ??? Any tips ?? I have no idea when and how to train & start ?? But we are half way there… at least I save 65% of diapers already … time to save and prepare for 2nd baby … right ??

BTW, he have no problem with poo poo… he will try us when to poo and even willing to seat on the WC to poo .. 🙂 But we cant force him to poo if he don’t have the need, otherwise he will make a fuss and cry !!!

So many thing in my mind that I wanna to train him before the 2nd baby was born … especially sleeping on his own and drink milk from the cup …. He able to drink water from cup and he can drink well… but not at the night time before he sleep.

Lately my boy was kind of “manja” . (Very)..everything he wan mummy only…Soo soo soooo stick to me like a glu. According to old folk, our 1st child will behave this way especially the mummy is pregnant … izit true ??? Mummy who pregnant right now …. Will your kids behave this way ??? Sometime is kind a tired for me … very very tired especially i have to due with morning sickness . Hope is just a phase for Jeremy ! Lately he even wake up middle of the night and cry for this and that … want milk-milk, want chut chut , want to sleep here and there, want to carry ……. *-* ” i really wanna pengsan”


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