Little less activities from me ….

Do u all realize I have been slowing down & very less activities from me ???? In term of baking ? Cooking? Blogging? I still blog, but I make it very short post with more photos. Digital Scrap Book ? I still do, but make it very easy and simple LO . I also been slowly down on shopping !! Even my Work !!. Hmmmm…. Should say … EVERYTHING in my daily routine I been slowing down…. I been NOT WELL and have this SICKNESS ALL-DAY since the pass 3 months . Even now I still feeling weak and sick . But getting slightly better … slightly only …. Guess this lil “Jelly bean” in me was making me so weak ……….what a great and mega impact he/she give me …..

Yes I m Pregnant … now @ my 13 weeks. The scan took when i was 10 weeks and 3 days.

I need to jot down my journey for this pregnancy . I didn’t jot down while I was pregnant with Jeremy, now I cant really recall back what is going on that time …. I only have some photos with me, but I m sure , my first pregnancy was much more easy and comfy to me compare to this round . I m a very forgetful mummy.. So, I started record down when I know I was pregnant . So this will be a long post !!

13 December 2008.

I had myself a pregnancy test …. The two line was very clear and it show I m positive pregnant … Actually my period was abit late only, but some how I have this sense that I m pregnant !!

16 December 2008

Visit my gynea alone, as my hubby was working , The first thing doctor saw me he ask “ Are you pregnant ?? I can “smell” it !! Then we all laugh including the nurse .

The result :

Cant see the foetus, cant see the heartbeat, not so good news ….. my heart drop …..Not again ??? I don’t want to go tru miscarriage again .Need to come back another 2 weeks to confirm am I still pregnant.

17 December to 29 December 2008 ( between 6 to 7 weeks)

Of cos I get worry , which mum to be is not worry to lost a baby ??? I had a history of miscarriage before I had Jeremy that time I was 8 weeks and almost a same cast as this . The fetus form was not well.. the sac was not in good shape = “empty sac”.

Carry on with my daily life, carry on with our trip to Melaka !!

But I had this pregnancy sickness like : Dizzy . tiredness, feel vomiting, hungry but cant eat too much, feel lousy, look bad …..But by the end of the week I had spotting. Then I remember doctor told me before I leave , if is spotting or lil stain, is alright, if is heavy bleeding, come back to me immediately !!!

& I still “hopeful”

30 December 2008 ( 7 weeks)

I be the first person to visit my gynea in the very early of that morning, I just cant wait for the news, whether is a BAD or GOOD news, I had prepared for it !!!

Result :

Doctor able to see the HEARTBEAT ….Me & Hubby feel relief and glad after 2 weeks of waiting . What a great New Year Gift !!! I m officially Pregnant !!!!

Pregnancy Weeks 7 and 8 : Morning Sickness & I’m eating a lot !!

I am nauseous, dizzy, irritable, tired, bloated, It all hit me for this week. I basically woke up in the morning sickness especially when I brush my teeth and I m always end up a sickness after dinner and brushing my teeth too … with a slight vomiting and nausea !!

End up I cant do anything .. everything have to slow down and put on hold … like blogging, baking, cooking, shopping, playing & teaching Jeremy … I just don’t have that kind of mood and energy .

Apart from that sickness …I’ve been eating SO MUCH ! I’ve found that it soothes my morning sickness. If I feel hungry, I will become dizzy and my hand will shake !!So I have made lots of provisions. I have snacks in handbag, kitchen and office. I eat small, frequent meals now. All this eating, cos weight gain, has been making me feel terrible & I look not good too basically “lousy” look .

I’ve been consuming whatever I feel like, whenever I feel hungry, and whatever is convenient… mostly those snack I took was not really healthy and good , is to ease my morning sickness and dizziness .

Pregnancy Weeks 9 & 10 : I feel SICK ALL DAYS

Every morning I wake up … I can feel my tummy was not well, either hungry, bloated, uneasy that make me wanna to throw out .Every night (most) I came home from dinner, I throw out and go to bed as early as Jeremy.

I just wanna lay down and rest . But the more I rest the more I feel worst and sick . Is true .

Pregnancy Weeks 11 : I m getting BLUR and have this Baby Brain

Sometime my body is not with my mind. I get so forgetful , I get stupid . I get blur, I m like a day dreamer .I always forget the things I put and keep. & yet hubby always ask me…. Where is this and that ????…. Arrrhhhhhggg “ find yourself, I cant remember”

I m not able to multitasking , normally I can juggle at least 3 to 4 jobs at once…. Now with this problem, I have to do one thing at a time.I cant cope with many thing at once either at home or office. Got to do one by one accordingly.

The worst thing, I cant concentrate at work …. Basically I cant work well . I m doing very slow and everything have to jot down, incase I forget !! OOOiiiii… now is bonus and increment time and yet I do lousy job !!!

Pregnancy Weeks 12 : Finally I m at my 12 weeks pregnancy .

Baby going well but mummy not going so well. And I always keep this in mind … my doctor said, to have morning sickness is a good sign . Just need some time to overcome. I m moving forward and moving slow in my day.

Pregnancy Weeks 13 : My mood like a Roller Coaster.

I have different kind of mood each day …. happy, moody, sad, angry ,worry, tense, stressed….. for lil thing that happen to me. Duno why, properly due to hormone change in my body … i can get very angry and mad with my lil bpy when he do lil wrong … and i can get so in love with him when i just looking at him …. ” sorry Jeremy, mummy is getting ‘crazy abit” but always love u very much 🙂 ” .

But i wanna say thank you and love to my hubby , he is my big saviors to me, he been helping me alot on taking care Jeremy when ever i m weak .. basically he been helping me everyday, everynight .. on changing Jeremy before bedtime, taking care him when we were out, look at him and acompany Jeremy when i need a nap .

& also to my in law… even my MIL didnt cook what i like to eat … but at least they didnt question me when i eat so little, when i ta pau from outside, they always someone to help and clean up after dinner 🙂 look after Jeremy, feed him, play with him and love him, spoil him in a way grandparents can .

That all for this 13 weeks ….. I pray for better weeks to come…. !!!


36 Responses to “Little less activities from me ….”

  1. vickylow Says:

    Oh congrats on your pregnancy. You definately will feel better few weeks later. Take care and wish you have a smooth and great pregnancy.

  2. Ruth Says:

    Congrats Anggie! so happy with you:)

  3. chanelwong Says:

    Congrats….I also can smell that you are pregnant from last week hi hi..

    Take care…

  4. slavemom Says:

    Hey, Congrats Anggie! That’s really good news, minus the morning sickness, of coz. Hope it’ll get much better as the days go by. Oh my, with this condition, u’re still able to do the CNY mural? So ‘geng’ lah u. 😉

  5. agnes Says:

    wow.. BIG congratulations!!!! 🙂 yea, am sure the morning sickness wont last that long eh??

    am glad that i’ve never encountered MS while having chloe last time.. 😛

  6. Bits of Life 'n' Taste Says:

    Congrats Anggie! I’m so happy to hear that… another new adventure ahead… take good care!

  7. wen Says:



    Congrats to you! Seems so so many blogging mommies are preggy now .. will have many many moo-moo babies this year!

  9. khongfamily Says:

    Hey, congrats!! Hope you have a smooth pregnancy. Enjoy!!

  10. Ita Says:

    Congrats……so happy to hear that great news.

  11. Serene Says:

    Congrates!! Another MooMoo Year mommy to be. Take good care and I really hope all those morning sickness go away soon!!

  12. Mummy Moon Says:

    Gong Xi Gong Xi, that’s a good news. You take care and keep well, rest more too.

  13. jazzmint Says:

    congrats dear..take care and rest well ;).

  14. Vivian Wong Says:

    Congrats, long time never step in your blog and today when I step in, read the GOOD news….I am very happy for you.

  15. c r y s t Says:

    CONGRATS again anggie! 😉

    love reading the journey of pregnancy you’ve written, seemed like preparing myself for the future.. haha! Do take a very good care of yourself 😉

  16. Pet Says:

    Congrats..and take care!

  17. Hazel Says:

    oh, congrats to’s a good news..happy too have the bad experience for body sickness, its worse

  18. jacss Says:

    hey anggie, what a good news for this year!! hope u'll have a moo-moo girl this year…
    big congrats to u & hubby btw!!

  19. Wonderful Life Says:

    congrats!! so happy to hear the good news…

    well, just hang on. everything will be alright soon. 🙂 Take care ya.

  20. Miaoy Says:

    ya oh, still can complete the mural, and goto Bkt Tinggi, geng

  21. Anonymous Says:

    congrats to u, will b fine soon
    no worries..


  22. Anggie's Journal Says:

    Dear all Mummies ;

    THANK U THANK U so much for the nice wish !! Very Happy to hear that even i was “sick” .

  23. milkmaid Says:

    congrats Anggie! The illness will soon go away – take care!

  24. little prince's mummy Says:


  25. Leona Says:

    So happy for you, hubby and Jeremy!
    We are in the same boat…
    kinda of exciting going through the experience again yah!

  26. mybabybay Says:


  27. Sasha Says:

    hehhe remember i kept asking whether u are pregnant or not? just got the feeling that u’re preggie. Congrats! and have a happy valentines day!

  28. Mummy to QiQi Says:

    so cute! miss my pregnancy period now.

  29. giddy tigress Says:

    Congratulations Anggie! I’m not too late, right? 🙂
    Take care of yourself!

  30. andrewjune Says:

    my insticts is right…you’re pregnant!
    i remember you said/wrote you put on alot of weight…so i’m guessing you’re preggie *wink*


    take care of yourself and the lil one ok!

  31. Zoë Says:

    Take care n look after yourself!!

  32. Anggie's Journal Says:

    hi gal, checked out ur blog this morning..congratulation ya..


  33. ezekielys Says:

    hi angie & william

    been so long didnt check ur blog… wow wat a surprise to hear tat u r pregnant n happy for u guys , take good care & congrats…….

  34. Annie Q Says:

    Congrats Anggie. Hope not too late to congrats u. 🙂

    Have a smooth pregnancy and take care.

  35. Anggie's Journal Says:

    Ezekiel & Annie,

    Still not too late to wish me ….thanks thanks

  36. Julie Says:

    Congrats. Just came to know about it. Take good care and rest well.

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