CNY Update 2 : Visiting during 大年初一 & 大年初二

Normally during 大年初一 & 大年初二 was visiting here and there,
chit-chatting with relatives/friends who drop by,
giving ang pau and receiving ang pau .
That’s the traditional way we practice all this while .
oh ya… and not forget “wearing new cloths” , new shoes, new bag … … 🙂
A great reason to shopping , i especially love this part !!
Photo taken with Jeremy beloved Grandpa during 大年初一
Now he started know how to pose for the camera & smile !!
Some photos taken during the visiting !!

OK … remember the mural paint i did for Jeremy last year for his room?
aiseh…. he haven been officially sleep in the room yet .
Still waiting for daddy to put on the air-cone.
& i was kind of “lazy” to train him to sleep there . “blame on me” !!!
( actually i miss my bed and i miss sleeping and reading with Jeremy in our BIG master room)

That’s not the story i wanna to share here.
I wanna to share with u another “small” mural i paint for CNY.
I really rush this painting before and for CNY..
even on the dinner day, i still doing some touch-up… here and there….

Before the mural paint was begin, the wall was painted in light green.
I had few sample of image murals that in “my hand” that i wanna to paint.
But due to time limit i choose the easier image to paint & also make my life easy abit 🙂

I like RED, I like Graphic & Illustrator Flower….
Here u go….
A RED Mural paint with 2 Large Flower 🙂

Of Cos Jeremy first impression for this RED wall was :
: “wah …….. flower ya , mummy 美美 yaaa !!”
Of cos i cant wait to catch him stand at the wall and snap some photos during the CNY.

I didn’t decorate my house for CNY.
No red light Lantern, No angpau paper ….
But this RED wall is more then enough to have the feeling for CNY !! True ???


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