Hi We are Back … and i m back to work today !!
What a long, hot + rainy, tired & buzy CNY.

We have some nice nice photos to share here.
A short trip to BUKIT TINGGI on the 28 and 29th Jan 2009.

Very nice scenery during CNY at BUKIT TINGGI.
Jeremy had great time playing and catching the rabbit.
He also had Super great and Fun time riding the horse.
One time riding doesn’t enough for him… he want more.
But it cost RM25 for 10 minit so is just only ONE time for him.
We are really proud of him, he was so brave & calm !!
He really love animals !!
We also visited Japanese Garden
Overall the trip was enjoyable & relaxing.
Nothing much for us to hang around, so 2D 1N is more then enough.
I could say, the place is more on relaxing …
enjoy nice ,natural & green scenery & animals.
Very suitable for couple !!! 🙂
But NOT for the food, cos the food is super Expensive & not really nice.


14 Responses to “CNY Update 1 : BUKIT TINGGI”

  1. mybabybay Says:

    Looks like a cool place. Just someday I will make my way there.

  2. Mummy Moon Says:

    Wohh! nice family trip!

  3. Mummy to QiQi Says:

    i agree…they shud do some improvement to the food there la…hahaha….

  4. andrewjune Says:

    wah havent been there but must check it out one day after seeing those lovely photos…and looks like it’s not hot there 🙂 that’s already a plus point!

    wah love the family photo of 3 of you…all in stripes some more! ehh, noticed you’ve got a coach sling bag, nice one!…hehehe, this time i wanted to get one too (hinting to hubby for my valentine’s gift! hahaha)

    so nice to go for a short trip during CNY horrr…

    gong xi gong xi!

  5. Ita Says:

    Wow…the place look really cool. Should go there one day.

  6. Bits of Life 'n' Taste Says:

    I agreed with you! Welcome back!

  7. Pet Says:

    I hope you didn’t have to wait long to check in the hotel. The last time I was there, back in 2006… I only got my room after 5pm.

  8. agnes Says:

    haha.. true lah.. might meet up with u if going on the same day!!!

    3d2n is quite enough for us coz wanna take it slow esp with that super active gal around..

    afraid of the hygiene issues so better bring own things loh.. 😉 pack & unpack like hell :S

    husband dont like this place but the gal enjoying it very much loh.. what to do.. 😉

    agree that the food is not so nice and dont have much variety.. need to wait long queue for sucks food somemore.. sigh!!

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Very Nice Pictures

  10. Niny Says:

    Happy Holiday lor, sure ur boy very happy .

  11. slavemom Says:

    Wat a nice short relaxing getaway. And Jeremy looks so comfy n natural on the horse. So brave!

  12. chanelwong Says:

    heard a lot of the place but havent visited that place yet…

  13. Anggie's Journal Says:

    the scenery is nice… apart from that .. ntg much … but worth to visit once !!

    mummy moon:

    mum to qiqi:
    true, the food is bad…

    ACtually abit hot lei .. but is still better then KL. Yah… a COACH for CNY mah …

    Should bring the kids to the rabbit farm and horse, sure 2 of ur boys will love it.

    No, i book in advance …. i straight got my room when i register, but the worker is abit slow …

    Mou yuen fan with u lo, other wise can meet up !! 🙂

    Yah , Jeremy was calm when riding the horse.

    pay a visit there one day ….

  14. Annie Q Says:

    Nice pictures!! I love the last family picture, three of u wear the same stripe top. 🙂

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