Jeremy @ 27 Months & Hapi CNY !!!

Jeremy @ 27 months, and he is wearing mummy safety helmet.

My Boy at his 27 months ?? Time flies …. but i didnt manage to jot down much of his developmental at this months, one thing for sure was, i like to communicate and talk to him… he seem able to “chit-chatting” with us … how fun was that ??? But people always say, when your kids know how to talk back and fight back with what you say one day, there’s no more fun anymore … hahhahahha.. i think is very true 🙂 So let’s enjoy this moment !!Jeremy speck much in Mandarin , cos nanny talk to him in Mandarin same with my MIL .

He can understand simple English too …. sometime we ask him in English and he answer in Mandarin or simple English like : There, Here, No No, I Want, Go Home …….. etc etc

What he can speck :

  • Mummy,给我看一下
  • Mummy,我要回家 , I Want Go Home
  • 我要 …..吃面面,喝水,去那里 etc
  • 我要自己拿
  • 恭喜恭喜你呀
  • 这是我的,这是Jeremy Boy的 ,这是Ah B的…..
  • Mummy, 起来, 去那里…. (point here and there)
  • Shhhh….. 不要吵, dog dog 睡觉 .
  • 这是我的 , 不要你.
  • Mummy…你看很大只狗…. big big dog!!
  • …. etc etc etc

What he can scold : he is truly learn from us …. 😦

  • 不要动,我 叫你不要动,你还动 ???( don’t move, i ask you not to move.yet you still move??)
  • 坏蛋……不要动 !! ( naughty… don’t move)
  • Naughty ….

So far this is what i can remember and what he said sometime can really make me laugh & smile……. He truly a talkative boy & i love “chit-chatting” with him .

(His new version of 两只老虎)

真奇怪, 真奇怪

We like to wish you
” Gong Xi Fatt Chai”

You can feed THESE fishs! It’s kinda fun and addicting! LOL


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