Picking up habits

To built a good habits should start early on when our lil one are young .
Parenting is very challenge especially for the first time parents.
It is very important to teach a child good habits in order to make it easier
for us as parents as well for the child.
It can be overwhelming and frustrating at times… i experience this every time .
but teaching children good habits at a young age in the end can be extremely
rewarding and will definitely help them in the future.

We been practicing this few good habits with Jeremy months ago beside reading .
1st : Save moneyI didn’t really talking and teaching about $$ to Jeremy,
Properly he doesn’t know what is the important of money at this age.
But i think is good for him to picking up this saving habit .
The earlier your kids start developing a habit of saving , the better.
Sooner or later he will know the “important” of $$$$$$ … πŸ™‚

2nd : Motivating to pick up / tidyingThis habit is tough to pick up and it’s really really take time.
BUT is very helpful once they know !!
Kids aren’t neat and tidy naturally, they need direction and guidance from parents.
At first we parents need to involved and work together,
it go faster in this way …. they do like co-operate and work together .
We always practice this , ask him to clean up and picking up all the toys
before going on to any new activity.
So, i prepared few clear plastic container (pictures shown above) .
Slowly after few months of picking up .. this become one of the habits … yay…..
It’s work !! It’s work !!

Now .. BAD habit
Jeremy had a BAD habits which is “throwing anythings”
No matters what, he just love throwing things especially he get mad !!
He would throw toys, food, clothes, the remote, the telephone, etc. etc etc
Whenever he throws something, we assist him in picking it up,
but sometime it doesn’t listen to us and he even picking up the things and throw again 😦
We are in the process of teaching him NOT to throw things .

That one day, he was having my 2 foundation powder .
I was abit worry … cos once he throw… it’s broke.
So i quickly hold and ask him to give me back …
then he just get mad and throw them on the floor …..
The more i worry and “kan cheong” the more it’s happened !!
Cos this 2 compact powder was just newly bought ..
yuhuhuhu… RM300 + gone !!!
Still can used la… but not nice already lo …….


12 Responses to “Picking up habits”

  1. andrewjune Says:

    ohhh so sorry for your foundation powder…
    rachael too loves throwing things and when i picked it up and gv it to her back, she will threw them again! *faint!*

    yes, me must train them to save money and keep their toys after playing at a younger age…good boy, jeremy for keeping uo the good habits!

    but pls dont throw mummy’s expensive things anymore ok…


  2. Everyday Healy Says:

    I think Elizabeth is quite neat in nature. She will mess things up of course. But, she is automatically out them back too. Most but not all the time. hehe…

    However, I think Liz already understand what’s money for. But, she will want to take them out immediately after the coin drop into the saving box. Hahaha…

    By the way, so sorry to what happened to your expensive powder. 😦 Cane! Cane! Jeremy!

  3. Leona Says:

    Yeah, i agree that good habits are hard to cultivate in young children … but once cultivated…its for life! And make them better individuals.

    Ryan also same same. Likes to throw his cars. My mouth already dry from yelling at him whenever he throws them. But as he gets older, he seems to get the message. He will tell me “Cannot throw-ah!”! So sayang your compact. I will be so upset! You are very calm!

    Thanks for exchanging links ! πŸ™‚

  4. Mummy Moon Says:

    Sometimes kids is just like to play opposite game with us… When we ask them surrender something, they will throw instead of give us back…

  5. giddy tigress Says:

    Your poor makeup! 😦
    But thankfully the mirror in the compact didn’t break hoh?

  6. jazzmint Says:

    oohh dear, poor make up…its not easy to to convince them not to throw stuff. vyktore too likes to throw things when he’s upset

  7. slavemom Says:

    It’s vy good to cultivate such good habits from young. It’s rather difficult to train my boy to keep his toys. He jes doesn’t listen. N he likes to throw things too. Aiyo… so sayang lah ur foundation powder. But luckily can still be used.

  8. Pet Says:

    Oh dear…I will be quite mad if that happen (the foundation breaking). My daughter also loves to throw stuff, and she is very fast… things that she has thrown –> eggs, hp and remote into the aquarium which had to use hair dryer to dry the internal circuitry – works back!, her plastic bowl used for eating, her bottle, lots more…

    Now less since she is much bigger except when she is throwing a tantrum. 😦

  9. vickylow Says:

    Oh poor compact powder but still can become your loose power geh πŸ™‚ Same like Jeremy my girl has many bad habit too, mess the floor with her toys then step on it, beat us when she angry & etc. Hopefully teacher will guide her more in school next year πŸ™‚

  10. sting Says:

    ouch! your compact powder broke leh! sigh, good thing still can use.. Zen also loves to throw things! headache!

  11. chanelwong Says:

    Jeremy got good habits in reading n cleaning up toys…

    Well done to Jeremy n also Mummy…

  12. Julie Says:

    Same here…Jonathan will also throw whatever in his hands when he is mad. How to overcome this ar?

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