Loooong Wait !!!

I received a Hamper yesterday !!
Remember the Women Weekly Hamper i WON January this year ??It’s been A YEAR for this Hamper to reach me !!!
Why took so long ??? I also no idea and i totally forgot about this matters .
After i unwrap the hamper, this is what i get !! wu wah ….. so many different kind of lip gross !!
I m not impressed , cos i don’t use Lip gross, unless i go oversea !!
Only facial wash and sunscreen protection ( very small bottle) that i m glad to received.
The rest will give away to Yi-mah-ku jie…

The diary was year 2007 !! and we are coming to year 2009 la !!! bleh o.O

I m NOT getting any SUNPLAY that the magazine shown !!
SPF130 for the highest SPF protection or
Water Cool SPF65 which contains menthol for a refreshing feel !!?????? Where ???
Lesson learn … Don’t get excited by the product they show in Magazine.
Cos What u Won, is NOT What u might Get !!


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