Christmas Tree Is Up + More Baking

Yes, Our Christmas Tree is Up.. How about yours ??
This is the session, everyone was waiting … cos is come to year end !!!
More Holiday, More shopping , More Gift and More Vacation.Look at this Giant Christmas Tree ? Awesome !!
We never miss Visit Mid Velly for Christmas Session… Wonderful Stage Design !!

Here some Yummy Cake to Share .
I baked this over the pass weekend .
well…. I wandering what should i name this ??
Cake ?.. nope , Bread ? .. Not Really, cos is abit hard.
Muffin ? Doesn’t seem like a Muffin.

What ever you name… cos it’s taste Good with Blueberry πŸ™‚
Ah ha… another nice Cupcake i had bake. – OREO Cupcakes !!
I had few recipes with me for this and i finally decided to bake a
OREO Butter Cupcake instead of using Cheese.
Cos i like baking Cupcake, easy to eat , clean and Cupcake always look Cute !!
Try this, if u like Oreo Cookies.. i sure kids love it too.

I realize my blog now seem to become a Baking Blog …hahhaha


14 Responses to “Christmas Tree Is Up + More Baking”

  1. Julie Says:

    Look out for my Christmas tree next week. This year must take pictures of all the christmas deco in the shopping malls.

  2. andrewjune Says:

    my xmas tree is also being set up last week, completed! finally! phew…
    prob you should set up another blog just for cupcakes πŸ™‚

  3. slavemom Says:

    Blueberry bun? hehehe Anyway, u r rite, doesn’t matter wat it’s called, as long as it tastes good. πŸ˜‰
    Glad u liked the Wondah Woman award. πŸ™‚

  4. Mummy to QiQi Says:

    am going to start baking soon too!

  5. sting Says:

    hehe… christmas is in the air now! oh, those look so yummy and your photography skills made them so pretty too! πŸ™‚

  6. Miaoy Says:

    ya loh…becoming baking blog liao..
    but is good…looks more delicous..

  7. chanelwong Says:

    We also put up in Nov actually but no presents yet under the tree…no time to wrap….

    the cake looks yummy….

  8. Mummy Moon Says:

    Christmas deco in Mid Valley very nice…

  9. agnes Says:

    oreo cupcakes nice ah? can taste oreo smell or not? πŸ˜‰ it looks yummy!!

  10. vickylow Says:

    Nice baking, it seem like Blueberry cake cookie. Cake/muffin taste but hard like cookie. It sure nice and yummy.

  11. Ruth Says:

    Hey…My tress is up too:) nice baking Anggie^^ look so yummy….

  12. Cat Cat Says:

    Looks like a scone to me.. Blueberry Scone and they look delicious. Wah, you really very much into baking eh..?

  13. FAMILY FIRST Says:

    You mean Mid Valley’s tree is up already? Ok ok gotta go see this weekend!

  14. Food For Tots Says:

    Nice cupcakes! Haven’t started my baking journey yet. Found your blog from Bits-of-Taste. Tks for the link.

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