Breakfast for the day !!

Pita Bread + Egg Ham.
Here’s the breakfast i prepared for this 2 days.
A ready made Pita bread served with Cheese Egg & Ham.
Recently i like to use Pita Bread as Sandwich, it taste good.
If i can made and bake own Pita Bread even more good. hihihi.
But i come across some recipe , it’s not easy lei …

My hubby always complained, why the bento set so small ? Which is true.
& yet i still buy alot ….. hahahha
I m actually waiting and keeping for Jeremy when the time is come.
Now he is still too young to enjoy Bento Set .
Coming to another busy Weekend,
How i wish i have 3 days for Weekend. Means i only work 4 Days…. !!
(I need 1 day for cleaning, 1 day for outing & 1 day for resting, baking and cooking).
Becos Weekend is always NOT enough for me and it pass so fast.
& This Weekend…
We plan to bring Jeremy for another Movie … yes , BOLT.
A Movie with DOGs… Jeremy Love dogs and puppy.
Last, A STAR for you to brighten up your Weekend.
Have a Wonderful Weekend.


8 Responses to “Breakfast for the day !!”

  1. Bits of Life 'n' Taste Says:

    Delicious, healthy breakfast! And a nice pics composition~ love it.

  2. jazzmint Says:

    wahh…bolt movie out oredi?

  3. andrewjune Says:

    wah another movie arrr?
    hv a great weekend as well!

  4. Cat Cat Says:

    Pita bread is healthier than normal bread. A lot of people here like pita bread too.

  5. Annie Q Says:

    Wow…another movie. So nice!

  6. Ita Says:

    Me too, I wish I have 3 days weekend instead of 2.

  7. vickylow Says:

    Oh very healthy breakfast.

  8. slavemom Says:

    I’m sure a 2-day w/end is nvr enuff for anyone. šŸ™‚ How was the movie?

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