Happy Games

Lately we always said to our boy …
“You must be good boy ok ? Then Daddy will bring you to playground or Games”
Then he replied us with a very soft tone and voice “oh, OK …I WANT”..

Last weekend he was behave good !!
So Daddy drived us to Jusco and let him played with the games he like.
We not really go there for Shopping, mainly just to let him run and play around .

Before we reached Jusco, He then saw the Big Sign JUSCO …
and he will said “Ju-so or Te-co”

As we always go Jusco or Tesco, but very funny, he haven master the “S” sound .
He also like us to bring him to “Pasar-lam” means Pasar Malam = ( night market 🙂
Sometime too much at home he also get bored, bored with the TV, Books and Toys.
& i guess all kids love “kai-kai” That’s the only time we parents can bring them
out over the weekend .
Not only them … Me as a mummy also wanna go “kai-kai” … hahhaha

Those are the games he like to play and allowed to play according to his age.Jeremy was quite good on playing the Bowling Games,
Out of 10 games, he sometime can get 3 to 4 Strike !!!
Even Spare and of cos some go into “longkang” hahahha.
Not bad ya.. for a 2 years old boy?

I wandering isn’t BAD for parents to introduce and explore those
games to such a young age kid ??
For me, is nothing wrong as long they don’t get addicted!! True?
But we really enjoy that moment with him, especially he archived good point in the games!!
“Everyone (us) clap hand, laugh… and happy”
This is the moment we are longing for !!!


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