Lemon Cupcakes + Icing Paste

What a Weekend
I Bake lemon Cupcakes .
An easy lemon cupcakes for you to delight your family with at home.
The recipe was almost the same as u bake Vanilla Cupcakes,
I replaced the Vanilla with Lemon Paste. ( the methods slightly different).
Oh.. the colour of the Lemon Cupcakes turn out so yellowish gold.
The taste was great with lemon .
I was always wanted to try deco the cupcakes by using Fondant/icing paste/sugar paste.
So i bough a ready made icing paste (fondant) and try to be a “designer”…. hahaha
Well …. i sweat alot while i was trying to do this ..
It’s was not easy not what i am expected !!
( That’s is why Cupcake sell so expensive !!)
I only able to decorate 3 Cupcakes by using icing paste.
& it took more then 1 hour ( try and error + add colour and roll to shape).
So, here the result after the “crowning glory”
Before the Icing paste, i do pipe in some Lemon Butter Cream.
Well.. i personal think the icing paste (fondant) taste weird and very sweet for me.
Overall.. i don’t like the Fondant taste !!!
Keep in mind .. People just like to eat Cake, not just a frosting !!

Sometime i realize by staying at home over the weekend ,
cooking and baking can be fun .
The experiences through the drafted recipes; it’s what makes it enjoyable !!

I had fried Mee for lunch & Grill Terikayi Chicken for dinner.
Oh ya… WE LOVE Grapes !!

And here hope you all have a wonderful weekend too like me πŸ™‚


17 Responses to “Lemon Cupcakes + Icing Paste”

  1. khongfamily Says:

    What a nice weekend you’d spent. Nice decor on the cupcakes. Yea..the sugar paste really not nice. Just deco to make it nice.

  2. Jacss Says:

    wuah woman, u really have artistic fingers man…nice flowers with good color combination too!! haven’t got d chance to try it.
    where did u get those ready made fondant dough btw??

    a great cook pretty mum too!!

  3. agnes Says:

    wow.. that’s great!!! yummy~~~

    hahahaa.. how i wish i can explore all these soon.. πŸ˜‰

  4. slavemom Says:

    The cupcakes r really pretty. But really need a lot of time n effort hor.

  5. Julie Says:

    Practice makes perfect. Lovely cupcakes.

  6. Pet Says:

    Looks good…yum yum! I don’t cook or bake, since my dad is the chef and baker!

  7. agnes Says:

    btw, got a tag for u.. πŸ˜‰

  8. sting Says:

    oohhh… those are really fancy work there! you are very artistic ya πŸ™‚

  9. andrewjune Says:

    wah weekend was filled with lots of cooking ehhh!
    william must be very happy with all that delicious and pretty looking cupcakes! not forgetting lil jeremy too hah…
    keep it up!

  10. vickylow Says:

    wow I love your cupcakes, you really got talent. Making cupcakes can be your 2nd business if you wanna become SAHM later haha.

  11. Anggie's Journal Says:

    Khong mum:
    Oh ya… is really not nice to eat !! but is nice for deco … just like u have done for ur girl b’day… wonderful !!

    Much more too learn …..!!
    I get it from “baker Mall”- Kepong.

    i m sure u can .. u r a good baker too!!

    Yah.. need alot of time… i wandering how much time i need if i have to deco for 12 cupcakes …phew.

    very True

    U such a lucky lady !!

    Thanks …..

    Yah… William sure happy… no need to go out… means can save $$$… hahhaha

    SAHM ?? i wish i can … but economy not going well… is better to have 2 income… mayb i can do it as a freelance in future once i m really good at it… need to polish and practice more .. true???

  12. mybabybay Says:

    The design on the cup cakes looks good. Very creative!

  13. Cat Cat Says:

    I like the cupcake.. very well decorated.

    That mee goreng is to die for… I have to bake and cook more often during the weekends but malas punya hal, eat out saja…

  14. Serene Says:

    Wow.. Anggie you not only good in baking, but pro in cooking as well… I like the Grilled Chicken, mind to share the recipe with me??

  15. Bits of Life 'n' Taste Says:

    Nice cupcakes… nice dishes… keep up the good job, I think you can start a Food Blog soon.

  16. Pet Says:

    Btw, how you make those really ‘cool’ icing? Share some tips.

  17. Anggie's Journal Says:

    I marinated the chicken with teriyaki sos only !!! after well grill, add some honey !!

    Food Blog ?? not this moment yet.. i still learning… far to go la …wanna learn from u …

    i bought ready made icing paste, is ready to roll and make into shape.. easy .. but taste weired!!

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