Lemon Cupcakes + Icing Paste

What a Weekend
I Bake lemon Cupcakes .
An easy lemon cupcakes for you to delight your family with at home.
The recipe was almost the same as u bake Vanilla Cupcakes,
I replaced the Vanilla with Lemon Paste. ( the methods slightly different).
Oh.. the colour of the Lemon Cupcakes turn out so yellowish gold.
The taste was great with lemon .
I was always wanted to try deco the cupcakes by using Fondant/icing paste/sugar paste.
So i bough a ready made icing paste (fondant) and try to be a “designer”…. hahaha
Well …. i sweat alot while i was trying to do this ..
It’s was not easy not what i am expected !!
( That’s is why Cupcake sell so expensive !!)
I only able to decorate 3 Cupcakes by using icing paste.
& it took more then 1 hour ( try and error + add colour and roll to shape).
So, here the result after the “crowning glory”
Before the Icing paste, i do pipe in some Lemon Butter Cream.
Well.. i personal think the icing paste (fondant) taste weird and very sweet for me.
Overall.. i don’t like the Fondant taste !!!
Keep in mind .. People just like to eat Cake, not just a frosting !!

Sometime i realize by staying at home over the weekend ,
cooking and baking can be fun .
The experiences through the drafted recipes; it’s what makes it enjoyable !!

I had fried Mee for lunch & Grill Terikayi Chicken for dinner.
Oh ya… WE LOVE Grapes !!

And here hope you all have a wonderful weekend too like me 🙂


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