Lil Artist + Mummy Lil "touch"

My Little Artist

That was his very first time using water colour.
I only help him put on some water and teach him a little , not really teach him ,
but he very quickly get what i’m trying to say .

So here are some painting by Jeremy Boy … 99 % from him,
cos he don’t allow me to paint and touch also ….o.O

Here’s My Lil Artist painting !!

What an abstract painting ya …
i myself like abstract painting .
“You don’t have to have Picasso’s imagination to create an abstract art painting.
How to paint abstract art is the topic and in a sense abstract art is the most forgiving style of all,
because anything goes, as long as your abstract artwork can give you the feeling
you have expressed yourself.

One of the keywords in abstract art is spontaneity and with inspiration ….

Ok… so i try not to waste the painting that my boy had painted !!
What i do was ….

Here you go …….As you all know New year and Christmas was around the corner …
so after some “touch” from me…
here the Christmas Art Cards was created by using the painting !!
What you think ??? Nice or not ????

Very Easy Art Work… Cut out the shape/saiz of the painting you like .
Get some hard cover colour paper and printed some text on the tracing paper ….
can deco with some ribbon too. Simple yet very nice !!

So Next time when your kids have many to draw and paint … and yet duno what to do …
You can always turn into Festive card or Bookmarks or Calender or ….
anything you like … wallpaper …etc etc ….

But at the end of the painting session, i having some war with this lil artist …. 😦
he don’t let go the brush and insist to hold it, and he insist to come down from the seat !!

Nicely talk to him also cannot ….
So i have to drag him to bathroom and clean him up …. 😦 Of cos he cry…
“Not an good ending”

Here.. Lil thanks to Chanel and kor kor Jeriel for the bib ( Jeremy Birthday Gift),
not only can used for meal time… can used for art time too ..easy to clean and wash …:)


24 Responses to “Lil Artist + Mummy Lil "touch"”

  1. andrewjune Says:

    yeah the bib can be very useful…i bought one plastic one at toys r us (it comes in long sleeves)

    wah really salute you-lah, spend so much time painting the mural in his room, then create own xmas cards…how you juggle your time lah? “kheng” lah you…! thumbs up for the very nice job done!

    of course those xmas cards you will be sending out has a personal touch cos it’s a mummy-and-son’s combination of artistic hard work!

  2. wen Says:

    thats very smart of you!!! i like it!

  3. jazzmint Says:

    u are great!!! creative la..vy nice the cards 😉

  4. slavemom Says:

    Wow… he must hv inherited ur artistic gene. Then with Mummy’s magical “touch”, u get such awesome home-made cards.

  5. khongfamily Says: are very creative. Very nice! So artistic…

  6. vickylow Says:

    Wow you are so creative. The greeting cards look nice. Good job mommy & jeremy.

  7. Pet Says:

    So young start on watercolor. By girl only started few months back, I was afraid of the mess she will make. Anyway, I used my old baby-T as the ‘shield’, else it can be very messy…

    Btw, Anggie you are very artistic!

  8. Julie Says:

    Very clever of you. Make good use of your lil artist, huh? You’re so creative.

  9. chanelwong Says:

    Anggie you have been very very creative since the day I know you till now…very talented….

  10. Anggie's Journal Says:

    Dear all mummies …

    Thanks … hahhaha
    This card is actually very easy to do , i took less then 1 hour to finish all the cards …

    hahha… glad that it turn out quite nice as a festive card.

    Infact, i think cleaning up the lil artist is more work for me … LOL

  11. Health Freak Mommy Says:

    You are really very creative. The cards are really nice!

  12. Babysmooches Says:

    this is very very nice and creative…

  13. Dora Says:

    Creative team of mommy & son! Wonderful arts work!

  14. Mummy to QiQi Says:

    Anggie, Jeremy is as creative as you!

  15. Malaika's mummy Says:

    Jeremy is very artistist leh. Well done Jeremy.

  16. Cat Cat Says:

    Very nice paintings… Your son is gifted… and I love all the cards. Very creative. Great job.

  17. Miaoy Says:

    wow, u r so creative…
    the card “made” by both of u s nice
    haha, sometimes the happy hour just dun end as what we expect,
    we ll love to have something happend like this…
    mama: jeremy, let’s go and wash ur hand…
    jeremy: ok mummy…

    ai…what cannt this happend??
    (i m referring to my hong hong as well) dun be upset again, i m with u again …

  18. Jacss Says:

    hey…i really gotta salute u for yr patience la!! u r a very GREEN person too…recycle is good!
    send me one la…..geee so thick skin hor!! u can ignore me btw…

  19. mybabybay Says:

    Hey I love your cards. Did you do the writing yourself too? Looks very well done.

  20. Anggie's Journal Says:

    Miaoy :
    Thanks for being there for me ya ….my dear fren.

    Jacss :
    Sure .. will sent u one ….:)

    hmmm… most text i printed out, only 1 or 2 i wrote myself 🙂

  21. Serene Says:

    Jeremy follow your genes, Anggie! Both mother and sons are very creative and good in arts 😉

  22. FAMILY FIRST Says:

    Tabik! Mommy so creative and now lil one also follow suit.

  23. Anggie's Journal Says:

    Hi …
    I will prefer my son follow daddy gene, more good in maths … hahahha, cos mummy poor in maths .

  24. Annie Q Says:

    U’re so creative Anggie! The greeting cards look so lovely and unique. I like it!

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