Special Gift For Special One

I promised to post about my son 2 years old Birthday gift .
None of you guess a right answer, not scrapbook or photo frame.

Here you go… lets the photo tell you.

Yes, A ROOM for Jeremy.
hihihi.. I think Is about time to slowly separate the room with my 2 years old boy.
(Material used for this door hang : A broken clock , reuse and insert the photo u desire)
So, nextime when u have any broken/unwanted clock (big or small)

don’t throw it away, can used as photo frame !!

So what did i do to the room ?
If i just throw him a empty room with mattress . I don’t think he will like it.
Well , not very fancy i had decorate or design.

At least let him have a very good impression about this small room
that mummy going to put him there… kekekek…
A small corner for library ( still collecting books)
A DIY Flash Card holder.
A Mickey & Minnie curtain that still haven done yet by my In law.

Here’s the interested part !!
Tadah ….
A colourful mural ..
look like a kindergarten ??? hihihi
Not wall paper.
A hand draw and hand painting mural .

( i should say i trace the drawing on the wall and paint it myself) Mickey & Minnie , Tractor and Airplane. This is the other side of the wall , with Lion, Giraffe and Elephant.

I try to minimize the paint colour , cos 1 liter of paint was really expensive !!
Especially for red and yellow .. each cost RM35-RM38 per liter.
We actually need half a liter only or maybe less .

So, I only have Red, bright Yellow, White and Black.

One of my friend gave me some cream colour paint for the mickey mouse face.

As for the Blue background, is an old paint which we done when we first move in the house.

So from that “4” colour i have, i try to come out with more colour …..example :
Grey (black + White)

Dark green ( Black + yellow)
Orange ( Red + Yellow)
Brown ( Orange + black)

pink ( Red + White)

And Now

Yes …. Jeremy LOVE the room very much. The first time he saw … he was like … “shock” and … “wow”
I just love the feeling …. At least i m not wasted my “sum-kei”
So .. the first step i win already … kekekek…
Now…. this is the difficult part which i have to train him to sleep in his room .
Tell you the truth … until now i haven success yet … not easy..
Jeremy love the room, He just love playing & reading in this room,
But when come to sleeping time or he feel very tired after playing…
He will said : “open door … there… there….” (means our room). “sign” *-*

At this moment, He still love his baby cot … even was small !!!
Few reason why i think he is hard to fall a sleep ???
1) Some how i think the room has too much things inside …that cos him hard to sleep.
Coz he busy with this and that, have to take out something from the room soon, true?
2) No Air-cone … sometime abit hot , especially weather right now …
3) Still miss his baby cot . 4) This room was kinda small compared to our masterbed room.

Long way to go ya till i m success to separate room with him ????
Actually i m not very very satisfied with the mural above,
I think there’s no continuous between the two wall.
I actually plan to draw one side of the wall which have Mickey & Minnie only.
After i had done. My Hubby realize it was very nice and i can do a mural paint.
Then he ask why not i draw some animals, cos Jeremy love animals.
That is why the jungle and animals was there….
But daddy was right… Jeremy was happy to see elephant rather then Mickey…

Okay… let me share this with you ….How to draw and paint the mural ??

1) Choose any images u like.
2) Trace the images using Autocad (if u have), is a drafting software.if you don’t have, just
paste the drawing into photoshop. First you have to page set up the page into A1 or A0 saiz.
3) Sent the images/drawing to plot into A1 or A0 saiz, the saiz i m using was A1 saiz…. smaller and easy to control. Cost around few ringgit only for black and white .
4) Used pencil to trace both side of the drawings .
5) Tape the drawing on the wall and trace accordingly .
6) Most properly you have to draw again on the wall to make it more clear for you to paint,
but not too hard, other wise you need to erase after painting work done.
7) Start paint on the wall, start with the higher part.
8) Most properly you have to paint few time on each drawing until the colour was balance and
solid .
( I guess … that all…. Actually was quite easy, but need alot of time …Hopefully i don’t
miss out any steps)
I still have another assignment …. another wall mural to be draw…. cos i still have left over paint .Don’t want to waste lor…. expensive lei … This time not kindy or kids mural …. hihihihi ….. “what to draw this time???” .. I actually got the idea but somehow LAZY to start , cos once i start , i cannot stop until the paint work was fully done. This round i m going to rush before CNY …. Cos i still got RED and YELLOW paint …. “ang and ong” … hahahahah.

Safety always come first, we also have a safety gate at the family hall up stair .
Boy will be boy …. they just love up and down the staircase.


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