The Cutest, The Happiest, The Naughtiest.

Why i say Jeremy is the Cutest, The Happiest & The Naughtiest ??
B’-cos …..
Mummy baked him a Black Bottom Chocolate Cupcakes (Choc + Cream Cheese)
with animals sugar icing decoration .
Cos Jeremy love animals and i guess kids love chocolate and cream cheese too.
12 Cupcakes was not enough , so i baked another 12 Vanilla Cupcake
topping with strawberry and buttercream.
I personally love this Vanilla Cupcake compare to the choc Cupcake.
Cos less sweet & i always love Vanilla Cupcake.
I also baked some cookies like Butter Cookies & Butter Cheese Cookies.
The Cookies Cutter do a great job !! I bough it from here.
oh ya… i baked some “LOVE” cookies for my hubby too.
The main dish for the day was Curry Laksa , Mini Burger ,
Mini Pizza, Fruits & Cendol Jelly, hotdog…..all prepared by “ME” 🙂
& not forget those lovely Cupcakes 🙂
Here’s the Cutiest & The Happiest Birthday Boy !!!
Jeremy enjoy the Cupcake ?? Hmmm… Not really , He just love the buttercream !! Can’t remember how many time we sang the Birthday Song !!!
Everytime we finished sang the song and Jeremy finishes brow the candle…
He will said “one time” means one more time
We sang again and again, and he really try hard to brow … until he is all satisfied!! Here’s the prezzie time for the night !!
Why i said he is the Naughtiest ??
He broke the Jeep Toy Car that Ku-Ku bought him within 10 Minutes ,
cos he seat on top of the toy car. !!! *slap forehead*
That why we hardly buy him toys, if yes, make sure it was a heavy-duty one.
Others prezzies he received like : More Toys, bags, ABC Board & Colour book.
Thomas train from daddy, Barney book and Playmat from mummy.
(Anothet BIG gift from mummy ???… haven finished yet… soon…soon…)
The rest was “angpow” ..

End of the day !!!
Mummy & Daddy was Happy, cos Jeremy and everybody enjoy the birthday party.
Mummy and Daddy was really tired , cos we been busy the whole day !!
Baking, Cooking, Washing, Cleaning…..
But is all WORTH it for our son.
Thanks everyone who attend this small party!!
& Thanks to all blogger for the BIRTHDAY WISH .


32 Responses to “The Cutest, The Happiest, The Naughtiest.”

  1. Ruth Says:

    so much fun ya! He must be very very happy ler!!! all the foods, cupcakes and cookies look so nice and yummy!Great job mommny!!!

  2. Jacss Says:

    hey, what a success that was!! definitely worth all yr sweats & efforts!! thank god all yr cupcakes turned out nice & fluffy!! did u prepare what if d cakes didn't turned out nice huh…hahaha, must be tension also heh??? jeremy boy very 'hang fook' ahh….

  3. Jesslyn Says:

    wow your cupcakes n cookies look so lovely! no wonder the little boy so happy!

  4. Julie Says:

    Yummy cupcakes. You are so good in baking. So much effort you’ve put in to make Jeremy boy happy.

  5. andrewjune Says:

    wah so many efforts hah you put in…yeah lah, must be like that like, our beloved kid’s bday mah…

    the cupcakes really look good lah…next time i want to bake some for rachael’s second birthday hahaha…if i can-lah…dunno if i’m cooking at baking or not…

    so i thk you did a good job! thumbs up!!!

    wah jeremy got so many pressies…

  6. vickylow Says:

    Happy 2nd b’day sweety. Anggie your cupcakes and cookies are nice and yummy. Like the decor very much. Your boy is so lucky as mummy bake so much for him.

  7. khongfamily Says:

    Such a lovey birthday party for Jeremy, somemore everything prepared by mummy – all worth it for Jeremy. Nice cupcakes and cookies. Which recipe did you use for the vanilla cupcakes?

  8. agnes Says:

    wow.. that's so nice to have mommy like u!!! i love cupcakes too & really wish i could master it real soon… 😉

    gonna bake cake for my lil gal also.. 😉 cheers..

    share la.. the recipe of doing cupcakes and where did u find the recipe?? i love the second cupcake as well…

  9. Hazel Says:

    Happy belated birthday to ur dear son and u r really a good mother coz prepare so many yummy cakes and food during his birthday

  10. Health Freak Mommy Says:

    Jeremy is such a lucky boy coz he’s got such a wonderful mum! You are really good! Your cupcakes are really beautiful!

  11. slavemom Says:

    Everything is so nice! I esp like the animal sugar icing n Disney cookies. 🙂 Well done for a successful party!

  12. Bits of Life 'n' Taste Says:

    Happy Belated Birthday to Jeremy…. Auntie was late but better than never bcoz Auntie was away for something important for long 3 weeks… hope and wish you will grow up to the most happiest person with your loving Mummy and Daddy!

  13. Ita Says:

    Happy Birthday Jeremy. You’ve got a great mum who can do so many things including baking and cooking. Wish that Aunty also can do that for Joshua and Joel.

  14. jazzmint Says:

    wow…that’s really alot of stuff this super mommy did!!

    happy birthday jeremy

  15. Everyday Healy Says:


    That’s all! I am wordless to see all this. Just “Wow”! hehe……

    By the way, you are such a romantic wife, love cookies for hubby! He is a lucky man! 😛

  16. Everyday Healy Says:

    Wait a minute! Happy belated Birthday , Jeremy! 😛

  17. sting Says:

    Happy Birthday Jeremy boy! And mummy really went thru all that trouble to make it a wonderful day for you.. you are a lucky boy 🙂 *hugs*

  18. Annie Q Says:

    nice and beautiful cupcakes!!! Good job anggie!

  19. chooi peng Says:

    Happy belated birthday

  20. chanelwong Says:

    Blessed Birthday ….The cake is yummy…..I want also….

  21. kiasumum Says:

    wow… so many pressie, the cakes so yummy yummy, u did a great job!! and happy belated birthday

  22. wen Says:

    wah u hv been baking a lot !! happy birthday to jeremy again!

  23. Anggie's Journal Says:

    Dear all blogger ..

    Thank u thank u … i m hapi with my cupcake too :), btw, both recipe from here : ….

    Happy baking for those who wanna try out… i know The baking mood was in the air recently …LOL

  24. All Precious Moments Says:

    Happy belated birthday to Jeremy! I am definitely late late late for this but, better than never!

    Wow, I admire you with your ability to make such beautiful & lovely cakes and cookies! Love them!!! Look so pro and I am sure it tastes delicious! So proud of you!

  25. HN Says:

    Jeremy is so luckY!!! You are such a hardworking mommy … Sometimes preparing the dishes is not problem, but all the cleaning and tidying up after a tiring day are so exhausted! Two thumbs up for you 😀

  26. LindaLow Says:

    wow, Jeremy boy must be on top of the world..receiving all the presents that all kids wanna have..The cookies are lovely and I must really kow Tau to u la…U r really a good mother n wife. Working mom but still hv time to make cookies:)Happy Belated Birthday to Jeremy.

  27. Shern's mom Says:’re so talented, I’m impressed!
    Happy Belated Birthday to your prince charming.

  28. Anggie's Journal Says:

    Not late at all .. thanks for drop by .

    Hi, thanks for dropping by my blog…
    yayaya… the cleaning and tidying was so exhausted …. i clean until 12AM …. *-*

    Dunt kau tau lei … i only cook once a while only… normally i eat at my PIL house … so once a while i cook and have fun …

    Shern mum:
    thanks for the wish …. still learning on baking ..:)

  29. FAMILY FIRST Says:

    He is indeed such a lucky boy! And you did all the cooking and baking all by yourself???? You are one super mom!

  30. Anggie's Journal Says:

    Family First … yes, i do all the cooking and baking …hihihi.. but i was all tired at the end of the day … but i m happy as everyone was happy …:)

  31. The Cooking Ninja Says:

    Happy Belated Birthday, Jeremy!

    My little girl is also 2 this year 🙂 We celebrated her birthday with a nice chocolate cake with icing in June.

  32. Serene Says:

    Anggie, you are indeed an Awesome mother!! You prepared so many nice food for Jeremy and the guest… salute your effort! I believe Jeremy must enjoyed this day very much!
    Thumbs Up for you!

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