The Cutest, The Happiest, The Naughtiest.

Why i say Jeremy is the Cutest, The Happiest & The Naughtiest ??
B’-cos …..
Mummy baked him a Black Bottom Chocolate Cupcakes (Choc + Cream Cheese)
with animals sugar icing decoration .
Cos Jeremy love animals and i guess kids love chocolate and cream cheese too.
12 Cupcakes was not enough , so i baked another 12 Vanilla Cupcake
topping with strawberry and buttercream.
I personally love this Vanilla Cupcake compare to the choc Cupcake.
Cos less sweet & i always love Vanilla Cupcake.
I also baked some cookies like Butter Cookies & Butter Cheese Cookies.
The Cookies Cutter do a great job !! I bough it from here.
oh ya… i baked some “LOVE” cookies for my hubby too.
The main dish for the day was Curry Laksa , Mini Burger ,
Mini Pizza, Fruits & Cendol Jelly, hotdog…..all prepared by “ME” 🙂
& not forget those lovely Cupcakes 🙂
Here’s the Cutiest & The Happiest Birthday Boy !!!
Jeremy enjoy the Cupcake ?? Hmmm… Not really , He just love the buttercream !! Can’t remember how many time we sang the Birthday Song !!!
Everytime we finished sang the song and Jeremy finishes brow the candle…
He will said “one time” means one more time
We sang again and again, and he really try hard to brow … until he is all satisfied!! Here’s the prezzie time for the night !!
Why i said he is the Naughtiest ??
He broke the Jeep Toy Car that Ku-Ku bought him within 10 Minutes ,
cos he seat on top of the toy car. !!! *slap forehead*
That why we hardly buy him toys, if yes, make sure it was a heavy-duty one.
Others prezzies he received like : More Toys, bags, ABC Board & Colour book.
Thomas train from daddy, Barney book and Playmat from mummy.
(Anothet BIG gift from mummy ???… haven finished yet… soon…soon…)
The rest was “angpow” ..

End of the day !!!
Mummy & Daddy was Happy, cos Jeremy and everybody enjoy the birthday party.
Mummy and Daddy was really tired , cos we been busy the whole day !!
Baking, Cooking, Washing, Cleaning…..
But is all WORTH it for our son.
Thanks everyone who attend this small party!!
& Thanks to all blogger for the BIRTHDAY WISH .


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