Photo of Jeremy @ 12 months,14 months,16months,
18 months, 19 months, 20 months ,23 months and 24 months old .

Yup, Today mark his 24 months @ TWO years old.

When i wake up this morning and watch closely to my lil man,
my mind was kinda empty, i just smile to myself,
My boy turn TWO today. Still sleeping soundly at his baby cot.
Make me recall back the first day i brought him back from hospital and placed him
very safely and nicely in this same baby cot too,
even the same bedsheets he is using now !!
How time really flies …..

Today i m not going to jot down any development of Jeremy.
Actually i duno and have nothing to write about it !! hihihi.
Will surely post again next week.

I still haven got my camera fix yet, still in the factory waiting for quotation.
……….. “why at this time-la”??………..
I had borrow camera from my FIL . Still not familiar with the camera !! 😦

Last a small note for my son:
Dear boy, no matter how “Terrible TWO” you are and going to be …
We will always love you . Wish you happy and healthy all the time !!

and yes… Have a Wonderful Weekend to you who drop by here !!


18 Responses to “I’m TWO”

  1. Ruth Says:

    Blessed Birthday to u cutie Jeremy boy!!!

  2. chanelwong Says:

    Happy Blessed Birthday to you !!!

  3. slavemom Says:

    Happy Birthday to Jeremy! (again :D)

  4. jacss Says:

    Happy B’day Jeremy…aunty muak-muak here…!!
    eh, very nice scrap la…

  5. Serene Says:

    Happy Birthday Jeremy!!

  6. chooi peng Says:

    happy birthday!
    Nice LO

  7. agnes Says:

    happy birthday to Jeremy!!!

  8. c r y s t Says:

    Happy birthday boy! 😀

  9. andrewjune Says:

    happy birthday to jeremy boy 🙂
    hope you guys enjoy the birthday celebration tomorrow and come back with more photos ok!


  10. Annie Q Says:

    Happy birthday Jeremy!!

  11. Vien Says:

    Happy Birthday, Jeremy!

  12. Blur Mommy Says:

    Happy Birthday Jeremy!!

  13. Julie Says:

    Happy Birthday, Jeremy boy!

  14. Ruth Says:

    Anggie! hop over my blog to grab your Award:)

  15. Miaoy Says:

    生日快乐 jeremy..
    b a good boy ya..dun scare mummy with whatever terrible 2 things..so that mummy can continue shopping with u..

  16. mybabybay Says:

    Happy Birthday Jeremy!

  17. wen Says:

    happy birthday!!!!!

  18. Anggie's Journal Says:

    Thanks mummies for all the birthday wish !!!

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