How to blog safety without fear ????

Blogs are like personal telephone calls crossed with newspapers. Its like an e-diary for mummy like us to keep track about our lil one . They’re the perfect tool for sharing your favorite recipe with friends, sharing your parenthood , sharing your hobbies …. And many more. But how to blog safely without fear ?? Blog are getting a lot of attention these day.

I myself having lil problem by one of my earlier post… Not to mention the post. I been “sound” by someone and ask to delete the photo I been post, But I didn’t , and insist to keep the photo. If someone will have to question me , I will answer that !!!! Actually is not a very big deal …. And not a very serious matters for me. But for some people or some place it’s do and will bring issue for them and last come back to ME.

The point is that anyone can eventually find your blog if your real identity is tied to it in some way. If anyone else curious enough to type your name, email address or screen name into Google or Feedster and click a few links. …. right ???? And there may be consequences. Family members may be shocked or upset when they read your uncensored thoughts. A potential boss may think twice about hiring you or promote you in your future. Someone might look up for you for a fight about the thoughts we write.

So after the incident, I am more careful with what should and shouldn’t write in my blog. I m not consider myself a senior blogger, I was just started April 2007 . Sometime I m confuse too, what should and what shouldn’t write in my blog . My hubby sometime will warn me too not to write every single things in the blog , cos we are open for public reader …He said ” If you wanna blog , there are no guarantees !!!”

Here are “MY” few simple precautions to help maintain and control of my personal privacy so that i can express myself without facing any trouble or remain my reader, so they don’t hate me or dislike me in anyway.

I will never reporting my work in the blog in term of financial problem, detail of the certain project and any colleagues u are having problem with !! be sure not to give away telling details. These include things like where you’re located, how many employees there are, and the specific sort of business you do. Even general details can give away a lot.

I will not blog any “bad” thing about my family member . This is a very sensitive issue . At least not in detail how bad the person was . We might end up hurting each other.

I will not review where I stay or where I work by not giving or writing down address in my blog to prevent any bad thing happen to my family especially our lil one, cos I mostly blog about my boy …. I realize some mummies even hardly put photos of themselves or their little one.

Never copy others blogger post and paste in our blog . Other wise u end up a “copy-cat” and being scold teruk !!! I got this lesson from a incident happen to a blogger last year . I got shocked by seeing how other blogger attacked her … At last she stop blogging and even delete her blog and write in an apologize post as her last post ( I know some of you knew about this case) … I get scared and worry that time , cos I m still new to the blog world .

I will not write things about political issue or opinions in a serious way , cos I personally not sure and not really study in detail , so better don’t give in any opinions might hurt any religions, culture and heritage.

I will not post any photos that will bring hard/hurt feeling to certain person, example a person who is about to die, a very very ill person. A kids who are being tortures or abuse. We got to have some respect for them .

Anyone do mind give me some opinion or your view on how to blog safety ??? I might be wrong about my point of view, please correct me if I m wrong !!!


9 Responses to “How to blog safety without fear ????”

  1. vickylow Says:

    I agreed with you. We really need to be careful what we blog. I wish only blog happy things of my life and family member. Never ever disclose your address, office and your child kindy/nursery. We wouldn’t know what other sick ppl will do to our beloved family members.

  2. agnes Says:

    for family related blog, i agreed. coz we might disclose some of our personal details directly or indirectly somehow.
    to me, say if we wanted to talk about our personal feeling esp towards MIL, employee/employer, siblings… suggest we can create another blog w/o leaving a single info/biodata abt yourself.. mainly to ‘express’ feelings on that blog..
    hahahha, that’s why 1 person might have more than 1 blog nowadays.. 😉
    after reading ur post, it reminds me to be extra cautious when comes to blogging..

  3. jacss Says:

    this is a point that we need to be cautious of as a blogger!! i too will try my best to ensure that whatever i post is 'natural'& will not trigger any unpleasant consequences!! just gotta be extra careful when blogging abt close ppl surrounding us!!
    hey, why dun u share what u had encountered lately…so that we learnt too!!

  4. andrewjune Says:

    the copy-cat case is betul betul teruk lah…why would anyone want to copy something from other ppl and paste in own blog? mmmm…

    anyway, sometimes we dont know what we wrote/posted is a direct/indirect hint to anyone who means harm to the blogger…

    i dont write about other ppl’s bda things actually…i dont write about family members either…i choose to write about happy things…dont thk i can manage too many blogs other than 1 hahaha…

  5. wen Says:

    there will be no total safety but just gotta be careful with what we blog

  6. slavemom Says:

    Yes, I’ve oso been rather cautious in my posts. Try not to show pics of ur hse/housing area, the kindy that ur kid goes to, ur add (sometimes when we take pics of our letter/envelope). It’s unavoidable that when u write a blog, u somehow can’t keep 100% privacy.
    Oh hey, here’s wishing Jeremy boy a vy Happy 2nd Birthday! Hv a great celebration tmw.

  7. Miaoy Says:

    i m more worry than u..that’s the reason why i set password for my blog, i just cannt accept that some unknown s reading my life…

  8. Anggie's Journal Says:

    Thanks mummy for all the point, i do agree with ur comments.. let b k ful and at the same time, happy blogging.

  9. jazzmint Says:

    totally agree with u that we have to be careful with what we say, even what we comment as well. cause that leaves information too for we don’t know who. that’s why i pasword protect the post sometimes, when there are explicit things i’d like to mention.

    copycat – haha..yah, I’m one of them who hammer the copy cat kow kow LOL *evil woman here*

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