Something Special For My Little Man .

The day is near ……
Mummy is a lil bit busy prepararing and planning for this BIG day.
Above some Printing & Cutting art work.
The right hand side with tiger, lion, zebra was a sugar for cake deco, from Wilton.
All this for coming 18th October (Saturday).

YES….We will be celebrate Jeremy TWO years old Birthday.
His birthday actually on the 17/10.
But cant make it on the day itself, late 1 day, doesn’t matter hor.?? no “pantang” right??
I prefer to do things in advance rather than last minutes work.
So i won get so so busy and stress up at the end of the day.
So i prepared lil by lil.
This time will be a small family party. Friends are not invited … opppsss sorry.
Not like his FIRST Birthday. We do alot of preparation .
We had 2 session of Birthday Party.

One for family, One for friends. It’s was a great crowd.
This time will be just for family only, Daddy say no Big Big Celebration,
that only for First Birthday only … …. hahaha.

Okay.. I will be doing some cooking & Baking … yayaya…
I think i have confidence to bake some cakes for Jeremy Birthday this time!!!
“cross finger” wish me luck, hope thing turn out GOOD !!

Beside that, i m busy on this as well….
Yup…. a GIFT for Jeremy .
This is especially for my TWO years old boy.
It’s been a long preparation since early last months.
Can you guess what is that ?????
Something i have to do it myself.
Something to do with design and creativity.


23 Responses to “Something Special For My Little Man .”

  1. vickylow Says:

    The art works are nice and creative. I’m really have no cue for the gift, wild guess : a DIY photo frame / photo album?

  2. andrewjune Says:

    yeah i was going to guess it’s going to be a DIY photo frame…

    wah, even you guys celebrate jeremy’s 2nd bday with family members, you still come up with so many things arrr? wah, you’re very hardworking and creative mum loh!

    hehehe, both jeremy and rachael share the same birthdate horrr…

    well, it’s ok if you do it 1 day later…if not pantang then ok lah…


  3. Cat Cat Says:

    I’m gonna guess you are sewing him a pair of jami.. Betul tak?

  4. Julie Says:

    Oh…you are testing my patience to wait and see what’s Mommy is up for Jeremy’s birthday. I’ll guess it could be a DIY scrapbook.

  5. Leona Says:

    Wow, u are really creative! How did u make those little cute animal faces??

  6. Miaoy Says:

    wow, so good, can bake own b’day cake….
    dun worry, it ll sure b a nice one…with all ur love inside…
    Happy B’day to Jeremy

  7. Wonderful Life Says:

    Wow… lots of preparations for do for kid’s birthday party, huh?

    I haven’t done anything yet for my boy’s first birthday celebration! Haven’t figured it out what pressie to give him… 😛

    Well, I guess Jeremy’s pressie would be a nice photobook??

  8. LindaLow Says:

    Wishing Jeremy an advance birthday wish just in case I forget on that day:)

    I guess is the series of his growing up pictures:)

  9. Health Freak Mommy Says:

    WOW, you are really so creative and soooo ‘yau sum kei’, to do all these for your Jeremy boy. I don’t think I will have the patience and time to do them.

  10. Mummy to QiQi Says:

    love those picks! u really went a long way for this celebration :p

  11. Yatie_T Says:

    your artworks are beautiful, very creative. My guess is you’re making a scrapbook for Jeremy.

    Happy Birthday Jeremy.

  12. jazzmint Says:

    wow vy nice leh…u are keng!!

    hmm..the gift is a scrapbook?

  13. slavemom Says:

    Wah… so many cute stuff. It’s definitely gonna be a great b’day bash. My guess is scrapbook.

  14. Everyday Healy Says:

    huh? Which means Elizabeth’s birthday is getting really close too. Gosh! Still 0 preparation here.

    Can’t wait to see how is Jeremy’s birthday looks like. At least give me some idea. hahaha…

    You don’t mind me to be a copy cat, don’t you? LOL!

  15. suesue Says:

    Wow, can’t wait to see all the surprises you are gonna do for Jeremy 2nd Birthday.

  16. wen Says:

    some special frame???

  17. FAMILY FIRST Says:

    Wow … all for the love of your little one .. looking forward to your post on his celebrations and your bake!

  18. jacss Says:

    wuah…that’s really thoughtful of a mom…nowadays, all mumy r like that, kids r more lucky yeah!!
    can u tell me where/who ‘wilton’ is? i’ll be interested to get d sugar too…
    hey…no clue, how to guess ahh???anyhow, will wait till u break d new!!

    same for me, i’m also preparing for my boys upcoming bday party in nov!! will update later too…

  19. chanelwong Says:

    so fast he will be 2 yrs old…Blessed Birthday !!!!

  20. Shern's mom Says:

    So rajin la you.
    I did all those props for Shern’s first birthday, but 2nd birthday I did nothing. His birthday is also around the corner, and I haven’t got anything planned. Lazy mom.

  21. Babysmooches Says:

    those are cute litte stuffs you have there. You are really creative!
    Time flies huh… So fast he’s 2 already..

  22. Annie Q Says:

    U always so creative and so rajin to plan for your little man big day.

    Cannot guess what is the present, but i will said it’s going to be a really good one, i wait to see the “special” gift that u design for Jeremy.

    Early wish for Jeremy – Happy 2nd Birthday!!!!

  23. Anggie's Journal Says:

    Thanks for all the credit… i like to prepared and organize small party ..small wan not big one…

    The GIFT ar ??? hmmmm.. not yet finishes lei ….*-*

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