Something Special For My Little Man .

The day is near ……
Mummy is a lil bit busy prepararing and planning for this BIG day.
Above some Printing & Cutting art work.
The right hand side with tiger, lion, zebra was a sugar for cake deco, from Wilton.
All this for coming 18th October (Saturday).

YES….We will be celebrate Jeremy TWO years old Birthday.
His birthday actually on the 17/10.
But cant make it on the day itself, late 1 day, doesn’t matter hor.?? no “pantang” right??
I prefer to do things in advance rather than last minutes work.
So i won get so so busy and stress up at the end of the day.
So i prepared lil by lil.
This time will be a small family party. Friends are not invited … opppsss sorry.
Not like his FIRST Birthday. We do alot of preparation .
We had 2 session of Birthday Party.

One for family, One for friends. It’s was a great crowd.
This time will be just for family only, Daddy say no Big Big Celebration,
that only for First Birthday only … …. hahaha.

Okay.. I will be doing some cooking & Baking … yayaya…
I think i have confidence to bake some cakes for Jeremy Birthday this time!!!
“cross finger” wish me luck, hope thing turn out GOOD !!

Beside that, i m busy on this as well….
Yup…. a GIFT for Jeremy .
This is especially for my TWO years old boy.
It’s been a long preparation since early last months.
Can you guess what is that ?????
Something i have to do it myself.
Something to do with design and creativity.


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