First But Not Good !!!!

Everyone must have a good rest and long break ya….
As for me, last Monday,Tuesday & Friday i was working,

the rest of the day spend with my family.

Ever since i know Jeremy like “chu-chu-train”.
I decided to bring him for a try.
We DO, on the first day of Raya ….

yayaya, i know we make a mistake to choose on that day.

Cos it was so pack and full. We choose to go Mid Velly from Kajang.

Just 4 to 5 station i thot… very short distance and fast. 1st photo :
We not able to get in to the 1st train, so pack and full, so we wait
for another train,
while Jeremy finally able to see a long and real “chu-chu-train”

He was kind of excited .
Keep on saying ” mummy chu-chu, mummy chu-chu
2nd photo:

He was abit inpatient while waiting for the 2nd train. What he do ?

Play with the waiting seat , walk around and up & down the stairs.

3nd photo:

Poor daddy… have to watch the lil monster very careful .

Well, i should say, this 1st experience was not good for us and Jeremy.

We able to get into the 2nd train, still very pack and full, we were like a Sandwiches.
Can u imagine ? We have to Carry Jeremy
While the train reach Salak Selatan, Jeremy started to cry already.

Cos it’s was so hot and pack with people like Negro…. Bangladesh … Indonesia …..
SO, NEVER expect them to GIVE SEAT to my boy.

Poor boy, he cry so much louder and shown uneasy,
We try to get down to
Seputih station even the next was MV, no choice !!!
even we said ” Bagi lalu” ” EXCUSE me”

But NO one border !!!!!!!!!!!!
Jeremy Cry even worst when we try to push !!!

Finally we reach Mid-Velly after Seputih Station.
Lucky Seputih to MV was very very near. We sweat like mad !!

After spending 3 – 4 hour at MV. We decided to leave early,
so we can get a empty train or at least not so pack and full like the previous train.

Train to Seremaban ….
We manage to get in, ha……. not so pack.

Still can walk around and inside was cold, just nice.

BUT.. still NO seat for us.
So i hold Jeremy hand and purposely stand infront of the
passenger seat ….
wait and wait and wait, look at them….
U know …. NO one border to GIVE seat as well.

But they do smile to my boy .
in my heart, i was like :
” senyum apa… bagi duduk la”

” what society is this ??? “
“Maybe they are not parents ??”

” Maybe they not sensitive enough”
Never mind

Daddy ask Jeremy to hold on to the “bar-steel” in the train.
So he won fall down. But you know la, he is such a young boy.
How can he hold from one station to another station ???
So he hold a while, walk a little….
stand here and there…
ask for water, ask for raisin… ask for carry….
We have to watch him very careful,
anytime he will fall down when the train stop or move.

At one time i was thinking to take picture of Jeremy holding the “bar-steel”.
Wanna to share this lil poor thing !!!

BUT i just cant let go my concentration on him. So no photo to show .

OK.. I was wrong to bring Jeremy out for a train “try” at this festival session.
But as a Mother , I do feel sad for what had happened in the train !!!

I recall back when i was 7 to 8 month pregnant last time… No one offer me seat too.


14 Responses to “First But Not Good !!!!”

  1. vickylow Says:

    I think next time you better wait at the 1st stop eg. LRT @ Kelana Jaya Station at least you and your lil will get a seat b4 the pack goes in.

  2. Annie Q Says:

    Shame on me, i had never bring my boys to experience the “chu chu train” ride before. 😦

  3. SueSue Says:

    Wah so nice ah bring him sit chu chu train. My son has been bugging me to bring him sit train. I was thinking from Serdang station to Kajang only. Hahaha

  4. Vien Says:

    Gosh! This is terrible. I guess I won’t be bringing my girls experience the LRT when we’re back in KL.

  5. andrewjune Says:

    i remember my first experience LRT train…i was visiting my youngest sister in UKM and we took a train there with my elder sister…somebody stole her handphone during the ride! it was like you described, full and packed! so i guess my sister wasn’t being careful and some pickpockets decided to cari makan that day…*#$@!**%^

    so sad to know that even if you’re pregnant and carrying a child, still no one offers to gv you a seat…argh, pls dont go for another train rides with jeremy again! so many inconsiderate ppl on board!

  6. Julie Says:

    I used to take train to work. There was once I had to squeeze while 7 months preggie. No one bother to let you go in first or give you some space.

    Bring Jeremy for a ride again next time during a not-so-pack day. LRT is much better than KTM.

  7. Miaoy Says:

    u r so brave…
    i dun dare to bring hong hong to take lrt/komuter..
    i know he will sure cry inside,
    i know he ll scream when we wanna leave the train…
    salute u…sai lei…
    but komuter s always pack, compared with lrt…
    maybe u shud goto star lrt at bkt jalil, lesser ppl, more comfortable..

  8. Leona Says:

    I agree with you that our society is lacking in civic consciousness. Disappointing. Rather surprised that the trains would be pack on a public holiday. Maybe as u said, the passengers on that train were probably not parents themselves.

    I like your previous post on bento.

  9. slavemom Says:

    Wat an unpleasant experience. Not jes pubic hols, the train’s packed on w/ends too. I’ve oso taken the KTM to MV from Kj (alone). Packed like sardines. So sticky n sweaty. But luckily the time when PaPa brot XY to MV (2 yrs ago), it was not that bad.

  10. jazzmint Says:

    aiyo…those ppl really senseless one lah…

    but i thought raya shouldn’t have alot ppl since all balik kg oredi

  11. FAMILY FIRST Says:

    I was working that raya week too and yes, my lrt train back was loaded with Bangla, Indon, Negro, dunno what else!

  12. Yatie_T Says:

    Wow…. a lot has change, 10 years ago people still give their sit to a mother with child or a preggie women. People helps blind people crossing the street too. I am very surprised to learn that as an asian we are raised to be polite and considerate especially to elder people. Msia has a lot of Negro now? Why comes to Msia?

  13. jacss Says:

    u r very right wif yr comments on our "fellow msian" having such selFISH mind & i can certainly relate to yr ordeal as i'm a regular patron!! that was such a shame….
    anyway, i bet jeremy had a good exposure!!

  14. FAMILY FIRST Says:

    Looking again at this post, I find Jeremy is kinda tall for age 2? My son is 1.5 yrs old and he still looks a little like a baby …

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