My Turn …

Well, i haven been posting anything lately … It’s was a busy week for me.
I was off the whole week, including Raya and force leave on Friday …
BUT not really on leave, on leave from my company,
BUT… WORK with my friend company for few days.. so call “freelance” .
My friend Co was very far away from my place in kajang,
i have to travel down to SJ, old airport by train and my friends pick me up
some where.. it was a factory area.
& working with my friend was calculated by mandays,
i got to make sure the work have to be done within 3 days.
So we hardly go out and eat outside… have to pack and prepared from home.

Hahaha.. so i “force” to do this , i guess u know what !!!!!



Lunch and breakfest for myself + Orange
Lunch : some fried mihun and hotdog
B’fest : some homemade muffins.Lunch: fried rice with egg + fish fillet + kimchi
Those are for me and my friend, i do
prepared one set for my hubby too, but the picture was not clear and dark.

This B’fest was my first bento i prepared for myself and my hubby last 2 weeks,
bought it from pasar malam, just pack and arrange.

BTW, all bento was for adult .
So i didnt do any fancy and cute cute things…
anyhow, i haven get my order yet lei..
the only bento i prepared for jeremy was

hihihi, lazy bento prepared by me for Jeremy.
i guess he is still too young to enjoy “bento” set lunch or B’fest .
All cooked by nanny.

Conclusion from this few days “bento-ing”:
Well, have to wake up very early to preared,
have to pack and arrange nicly, have to wash after all the preparation,
have to take photo and blog,
Must prepare very fast too, other wise late to work !!!

I was really salute for those mummies who are good on this.
Mummies “bento-ing” any short cut to prepare ????


10 Responses to “My Turn …”

  1. andrewjune Says:

    wah you really got time to do all these stuffs hah? yeah we all do it out of love…

    i really don’t hv time to start bento-ing yet. so can’t help you on the shortcut yet…hahaha…

    anyway, oki got you very nice bento sets leh…

  2. Julie Says:

    So nice…a good job.

  3. sting Says:

    ya loh, got to wake up so early to prepare and then wash up… but you did a great job there.. it looks very nice and appetizing 🙂

  4. slavemom Says:

    Everybody having long break, u gotta work ah? So ‘cham’ nye. hehehe U vy rajin to prep the bentos n bring to work. I’m not into bento-ing but I guess if u prep from scratch in the morning, it’ll take up a lot of time. So if can, prep the nite b4. In the morning, jes heat up or can bring to heat up in the ofis. Hv fun!

  5. jacss Says:

    wow…finally u had a feel of bentoing ehh, welcome ya!! hope u'll have a great bento journey ahead after yr oth gears arrived!
    btw love yr home-made muffin!
    erggg…i prepared & cook all my bento d night before.
    in d in d rush morning,… i only re-heat/steam/toast and pack of course!!

  6. vickylow Says:

    haha lazy… nolah more rajin then me leow. I only prepare bread with cheese for my hb and myself haha

  7. Annie Q Says:

    OH! U also join the club liao! hahaha, can’t wait to see ur bento creation!

  8. wen Says:

    i so agreed with ur conclusion of bento-ing! haha! good job!

  9. jazzmint Says:

    haha ya…how to prepare so much in morning eh…i give up, weekend cukup lah

  10. Anggie's Journal Says:

    Thanks… that’s is just the beginning of my bento-ing.. long way to go 🙂

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