Smile For You

I Always love the lil gift that my son give me .
Nothing else. Just a Smile or Laugh .
It’s like an infection , i catch it like a flu.

When he smile at me, i started smiling too.
When he happily laugh, i feel so great.

I thot about the smile when i m down, when i m mad and sad.
Those lil gift from my lil one that actually make me move forward.

Sometime i will smile myself alone when i think of the lil gift.
When i was far away …. how nice….
A single smile just like this could travel round the earth.

Dear boy, keep the smiling and laughing going.
Everyone need a smile, especially mummy.

Do you want to get infected ???Look through all the happy faces that your lil one give you
and make yourself feel better.

share a smile and make someone else feel better.

Go ahead, smile… good for health.


16 Responses to “Smile For You”

  1. Miaoy Says:

    oops,i m infected,
    looking at his smiling…no, laughing face..i got infected as well..
    thanks for sharing with me this lil gift…

  2. slavemom Says:

    He has a vy beautiful smile. And yes, it’s pretty infectious. 😉 Keep smiling n laughing, Jeremy! U’re bringing so much joy to ppl ard u.

  3. Yatie_T Says:

    Jeremy smiles is very infectious. Can help but to smile too after looking at all those pictures.

  4. Julie Says:

    Jeremy has a beautiful and heart-melting smile. I like the shape of his face with a pointed chin.

  5. andrewjune Says:

    well, i’m a person who is very generous with smiles, so i love people to smile back at me too!
    love jeremy’s cute expressions…he’s really very smiley ehhh 🙂

    good boy, makes mummy smiles more ok!

    p/s: i thk he will be smiling a lot during his 2nd bday party as mummy is going to bake him cupcakes and do all the cooking! great efforts there, anggie!

  6. mybabybay Says:

    He has a very cute smile or laughter.


    He is indeed such a happy boy. My little monster laughs and smiles real easily, seems so friendly but has a totally bad temper and kicks up a fuss anytime he wants! Oh how did you put the pics together online?

  8. vickylow Says:

    It’s really happy to see our lil sweet smile.

  9. Hazel Says:

    they are co cute and the chocolate cupcakes look yummy, can i have one?

  10. Serene Says:

    I’m smiling while watching at all these Jeremy pictures!
    I like his smile with open his mouth widely! So cute!

  11. jazzmint Says:

    love his smile

  12. jacss Says:

    wuah…that's really a lot of different smiles & expressions heh…no wonder mumy felt so happy!! thks for sharing…

  13. sting Says:

    awww… that’s a lovely smile he has.. can’t help but smile myself! 🙂 *hugs to Jeremy*

  14. Sasha Says:

    Yeap, nuthing beats a SMILE!@

  15. LindaLow Says:

    Such a nice and sweet post Anggie. Tks for sharing the smile. I just cant smile today but i’m happy for you that lil Jeremy is so generous with his smile..Hv a good day.

  16. Malaika's mummy Says:

    Jeremy has a very beautiful smile. A very happy boy.

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